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Amazing Third Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Them

The institution of marriage has undergone massive changes over the years. Along with this, the types of weddings, wedding gifts and the way we celebrate anniversaries has changed. Sometimes it becomes quote hard to keep track of all the changes happening around us.

But wedding anniversaries always so important that you cannot afford to miss out on any development in this genre.

Not Sure What to Get for Your 3rd Year Anniversary Gift ?

So, are you someone who has an anniversary approaching? Let’s say the third year anniversary of a beautiful partnership? First off, Cheers to three years!

Now, you know the date is coming up and yet you have no idea what to get your partner? Before you start worrying, let me just say, we have a solution for you!

Here we have created an article about all you need to know about your anniversary and what kind of gift would be suited specifically for you.

Traditional 3rd  Year Anniversary Gift

Traditional 3rd  Year Anniversary Gift

Did you know that different anniversary years has a traditional gift specifically for that year? You may have heard about things like silver for 25 years, gold for 50 years and diamonds for the 60th anniversary. So, for that three-year wedding anniversary gift, we have two separate kinds.

One is a traditional gift and the other one is a modern gift. For the traditional third year anniversary gift, we have leather. Yes, you saw that right, leather is the most traditional third year anniversary gift one can give their partner.

If you are not entirely comfortable with going full on traditional, you can still be traditional but with a bit of a modern theme attached to it, you can have personalized diaries or phone covers and key holders with your partner’s name engraved on it.

You if like you can get personalized photo albums made from leather, and anything else you can think of really.

Modern 3rd Year Anniversary Gift

Modern 3rd Year Anniversary Gift

Curious about the modern third year anniversary gift? We have the answer for you right here, it is crystal. That’s right. Crystal is the ultimate gift for a third year anniversary.

There are different types of crystals, and you can present your partner with one that has a personal meaning to your marriage, something that gives you a feeling of what you’ve been through together.

Now you are not bound by any rules that you absolutely have to get a gift of leather or crystalfor your partner, you can always choose anything that resonates with you, something that you think is perfect for your partner for that third year of togetherness.

Gift for Him, Her or Them

Gift for Him, Her or Them

Looking for a gift for your partner for that third anniversary? Or maybe it’s a couple of your friends, whom you’ve known for years, who are reaching their third year anniversary. You’ll want to give them something that resembles their happiness.

You want them look at the gift and remember their journey throughout the three years and make them look forwards to the future years of togetherness. No matter if you are buying a third year anniversary gift for your partner of a friend, keep in mind that it has to be thoughtful.

Gifts are not about how much money you’ve spent on it, but about how much of your thought went into it. And to help you through that process, we have written this article to make your decision a bit easier.

Traditional Third Year Anniversary Gift – Leather

Leather Gifts

You might be thinking why leather of all things? Why is leather so important that it takes up the place for the traditional third year anniversary gift? So, hear me out, there is actually a reason for this for this tradition of giving leather as a gift for third year anniversary.

By the time it’s been three years of staying together, couples are usually still in the learning phase. In most of the time, at this stage, partners are still getting used to each other’s quirks and habits, their moods and minds.

Most importantly though, couples are figuring out how to work through challenges as a team at this stage, instead of as individuals.

Why Leather is the Perfect Presentation of Third Anniversary

Leather effectively represents this stage of love, because leather is a soft and durable material. Leather is also often used to protect and keep warm, so leather represents a couple who always protects each other. It is during this period of the third anniversary of marriage that a couple realizes the persistence and durability of their relationship.

Symbolically, the quality of leather is the same quality that helps a marriage thrive beautifully, even when the times get rough. It’s a resilient material that shows how much you value your partner.Leather has the quality to embody all the qualities of a successful marriage in its third year.

What do you think so far? Is leather something you would have picked as a third year anniversary gift? Would you choose it now? If yes, then go for it! Here is a list of gifts for you to choose from.And if your answer is no, then follow the article for more wholesome gift ideas.

19 Leather Gift Ideas-

1. Wallet


Leather wallets are something you can always count on. A traditional gift that’s always needed, try slipping something special inside, like tickets to a show or a coupon redeemable for one free massage.

2. Leather-Bound Book

Leather-Bound Book

Do you have a partner who’s in love with books? Try scoring out-of-print or original edition of one of your sweetie’s favorite classics.

3. Shoes/Boots


Is your spouse in to shoes? Do they work long hours on their feet? Then leather boots would be the perfect fit for them. And in anyways, after diamonds, shoes are the next obvious choice!

4. Watch


Does he have a busy work life? Does she always forget the time? Or maybe you just want a beautiful watch to adorn their hand. A beautiful watch with a leather strap is always in demand.

5. Purse


Now, this shouldn’t really be a surprise. Leather purses are always in demand. They are the best kind of purses out there anyway. So, when thinking of a gift for this third year anniversary, think purse.

6. Belt


A stately leather belt is the perfect accessory.You can never go wrong with a leather belt around your hips. Just pick one up and everyone would be happy.

7. Leather Portfolio

Leather Portfolio

teacher in a jacket gets a book from an old leather briefcase standing on a table in the audience

Is your spouse an artist? Do they always think about art and has the passion to pursue an art career? Give them a leather portfolio. Your spouse will thank you for this thoughtful and useful gift.

8. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

You can’t go wrong with an investment like this. Leather jackets are the coolest thing ever, are they not? No matter what age you are and what year it is, a leather jacket will keep you warm and make stylish in the process.

9. Briefcase, Messenger Bag Or Laptop Bag

Messenger Bag

Have a workaholic as a partner? Always thinking of work and going to the office diligently? Get a brand new carryall for your worker bee.

10. Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves

Are they into gardening? DO you have a beautiful garden in the backyard? Is your other half always there working on one plant or other? Encourage your spouse’s green thumb with some gloves, plus a gardening kit and bucket full of seeds and bulbs!

11. Luggage


If you have a tour planned for the third year anniversary, get a pack of leather suitcases. Pack your bags and give them a massive surprise.

12. Saddle


Have a partner who loves horses? Now you have the chance to show them how much you care about their hobbies. Get them a leather bound saddle and take them out to a horse ranch. They would absolutely love that.

13. Valet

leather Valet

If you feel like your nightstands are looking empty or even is you just feel like a leather valet if something your spouse would love, get one. It’ll also be a stylish addition to your home.

14. Autographed Baseball, Football, Soccer Ball Or Basketball

Autographed Baseball

You have a soccer fan at home, maybe even baseball or basketball. For that sport enthusiast, nothing would make them happier than getting an autographed memorabilia, and it being leather will just be the perfect cherry on top.

15. Business Card Or Checkbook Holder

Card Holder

Is the spouse always carrying cards in the moneybag? Get them a leather card holder. It’s a gift your loved one can use, and would definitely love.

16. Desk Set

leather desk set

You want to go all out for the third wedding anniversary? Get a new leather desk set. That’ll show them how much you care, as well as make your home all the more chic.

17. Donation To Wildlife Foundation Or Animal Shelter


If you are against animal cruelty and don’t believe in leather products, get your spouse an homage to animals instead by way of donation.

18. Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves

Just like a leather jacket, you cannot go wrong with a pair of leather gloves. A stylish treat for either of you.

19. Leather Game Set

Leather Game Set

Love playing board games on the weekends? Maybe in the holidays? Chess, backgammon, whatever the game, it’s even more fun in leather. These were some of the generalized ideas to get you stated on your anniversary gift. You can always mix and match with any of these and even get something that’s entirely unique and suites you better.

Modern Third Year Anniversary Gift – Crystal

Anniversary Gift – Crystal

Crystal and glass are known to be symbols of clarity and transparency. They are also indicators of how well a couple knows each other by the time of their third wedding anniversary. For a modern look on the third wedding anniversary gift, both crystal is given, which is said to symbolize reflection and beauty.

After three years of marriage, it seems like a good time to reflect on what the couple has been through. At this point in your marriage, you’ve obviously been through a lot and have without a doubt faced some hard time. But, like any marriage, this is about growing together through compromise.

Therefore, crystal is considered one of the more modern third anniversary gift, because it represents brilliance, reflection and fragility. However, if the crystal is a little too formal for you, or you just prefer to put some casual decoration at home, you can just replace it with glass.

The Perfect Third Anniversary Gift in the Form of Crystal

If your partner is fascinated by shiny glass objects or crystals, this modern theme and gift will grant you a memorable day. Engraved gifts always have a way to warm people’s hearts. You can get a glass vase, cup, candlestick with the name of your partner.

Crystals also have a variety of beautiful colors; they can be made into unique jewelry. A little tip for you, pink crystal symbolizes eternal love and beauty. So, do you like the idea of a crystal or glass being the gift for your third anniversary of marriage?

If you do, keep on reading for some cool crystal/glass gifts to choose form. We do have more third year gift ideas after this.

10 Crystal Gift Ideas-

1. Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

Crystals are always so shiny and pretty aren’t they? They are just as glam as diamonds, but more affordable. Get you loved one’s a beautiful crystal set in this third anniversary.

2. Crystal Figurines

Crystal Figurines

Crystal figurines are always a gorgeous addition to your home. If your spouse in into art, then a figurine would be something they would always cherish.

3. Crystal Necklace

Crystal Necklace

Crystal necklaces are said to be symbol of eternal love. What are you waiting for after hearing that? Get a beautiful crystal necklace you know she would love.

4. Crystal Barware

Crystal Barware

Crystal tumblers anyone? Do you all like to drink wine? Maybe even a brandy after a long tiring day. Get crystal wineglasses and tumblers. Get a design that will match the style quotient of your home.

5. Blown-Glass Sculpture

Blown-Glass Sculpture

Got a spouse who’s into objects d’art? This is the perfect third year anniversary to present one made of crystal.

6. Glass Jewelry

Glass Jewelry

Hand-blown glass jewelry is a great way to honor your honey, and a struggling artisan. You will notice that glass art is absolutely beautiful, and you will definitely go back for more.

7. Candle Holders

Candle Holders

Does your spouse enjoy romance? Do you go out to date nights all the time? Have a romantic dinner by candlelight. Get some gorgeous crystal candleholders.

8. Crystal Lamp

Crystal Lamp

What a great way to glamorize your bedroom. Get a pair of beautiful crystal lamps and make both your spouse and yourself happy.

9. Glass Or Crystal Vase

Glass Or Crystal Vase

A bouquet of your sweetie’s favorite buds in a glamorous vase is a thoughtful and chic surprise.

10. Engraved Glass Products

Engraved Glass Products

The great thing about crystal is it’s easily engraved. Engraved things always carry a deeper meaning then the rest. It shows your thoughts that went into it.

What do you think so far? Have an idea as to what to get your spouse for that third anniversary?

Third Wedding Anniversary Flower – Sunflower


Flowers have always been used to decorate various special events in our lives. They are also used to express our feelings about the people we care about. The celebration of the wedding anniversary brings us together in love and kindness, as do the flowers.

Sunflowers are flowers that represents the third anniversary of marriage. Sunflowers are vibrant, colorful and full of passion, which fully embodies all the characteristics of a three-year marriage. The sturdy sunflower stem symbolizes the solid foundation of marriage.

The vibrant yellow petals represent the love and passion emanating from the outside. If you put sunflowers together with a large bouquet of fresh bouquets and flowers, sunflowers look absolutely amazing. They clearly show people’s trust in what has been developed and are excited about what is about to happen.

A Flower That Represents Your Third Anniversary

Like the strong stems of sunflowers, the third year of marriage has a solid foundation. Sunflowers that have always faced the sun represent the challenges they have overcome and the bright and happy era to come. Sunflower draws beauty from one of the most beautiful objects in nature, the sun.

It represents longevity, loyalty and warmth. The structure of sunflower is also symbolic, with many petals connected to the core of the flower. Marriage is just like this, and love is the core of everything that marriage brings.

Get a bunch of sunflowers and place them next to the breakfast you made, serve it to her on bed. You don’t have to be glamorous to show that you care.

Associated Gemstone for Third Anniversary – Moonstone/ Pearl/ Jade

Are you and your spouse into gemstones? Or maybe you just think they are pretty? or centuries, gems have been used to symbolize a period in a person’s life. Gemstones are a unique way of expressing love.

The meaning and inspiration that comes with each gem is huge, which is why it is one of the most amazing gifts for a wedding anniversary.

Gems can accompany your partner with cards to express your emotions and explain the meaning of gems. Usually, the third anniversary of marriage is symbolized by pearls, jade and moonstone.



Not only is it beautiful, but some people think that it is a stone that symbolizes protection, especially during pregnancy and childbirth-this is likely to be common at the third anniversary. Moonstone is also a kind of gem with many symbolic meanings, which is of great significance in people’s lives.



Pearls come in different shapes and colors, and each has a unique meaning and inspiration. Traditionally, silver-white pearls are used for the third anniversary of marriage to indicate a new beginning, purity and sincerity.

Pearl is the oldest and most valuable gem. Traditionally, it is used to symbolize purity, faith, beauty, honesty and innocence. These are the qualities that marriage requires prosperity.



The Chinese believe that jadeite is a protective stone that can eliminate the misfortune of a person’s life. Jade is another gem used as a substitute for the third anniversary gift. It symbolizes longevity, loyalty, stability and love.

Celebrate a Solid Bond in the Third Anniversary

Celebrate a Solid Bond in the Third Anniversary

After three years of marriage, you will understand your lasting relationship with your family. In a romantic relationship, couples begin to appreciate the safety of long-term cooperation. Some people underestimate the importance of celebrating their wedding anniversary and often overlook them.

The fact is that celebrating the anniversary shows that marriage is the top priority in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to get rid of our daily work and re-experience the moments that changed our lives. Anniversary can also help couples create new memories.

It is of great significance to celebrate the anniversary with a traditional anniversary gift, especially as the years go by and your connections increase.

In Conclusion

It is the little memories we leave in life that enhance our love for each other and our ability to resist the negative effects of the outside world. Marriage is a journey that celebrates every milestone you achieve so that you can look at your partner’s eyes and realize your partner’s charm.

The theme and gifts you choose for the third anniversary of your wedding are just icing on the cake, but the main aspect is to make it personal and memorable.The third wedding anniversary is special, no matter how long you are together. Appreciating the people, for choosing to share their life with you.

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