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39 of the Best 7 Year Anniversary Gift for Him & Her

You’re looking at the calendar and realize your anniversary is upon you, the 7th one at that. That is also when you realize you have to get something for your husband but have got no clue what to get them. Well, that is why we are here. We have collected some brilliant ideas about 7th anniversary gifts for him.

Reaching the 7th year anniversary is an accomplishment for sure and it deserves proper recognition. Anniversary means different things to different couples. But it always means that their bond is strong to have lasted for seven years.

What to Get the Best 7 Year Anniversary Gift for Him?

The thing about anniversaries is that you don’t always know what to get for your significant other. But have no fear, the 7th anniversary has specific gifts already specified for you.

We have two kinds of gifts for the 7th anniversary, one of them is a traditional gift and the other is a modern type of gift. The traditional gift for 7th year anniversary is wool and copper.

The 7th anniversary is also known as the copper anniversary for this reason. And the modern gift for the 7th anniversary is desk set and stationery.

If you want to go for the more modern and contemporary look, go for this option. In this article we have discussed both the traditional and modern side of the 7th year anniversary gifts and tailored it so that it is a list of gifts for him specifically.

Traditional Gift – Wool

Wool is a material that represents comfort, warmth and overall durability. The idea of woollen gifts actually comes from a Roman tradition.

Roman were known to touch the threshold of their new house with wool, it is said to bring prosperity and good luck. This material represents seven years of togetherness and a strong unity through marriage.

We have collected a list of some wholesome woollen gifts for you to choose from. Check them out down below.

Woollen Gifts

1. Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are absolutely perfect for that lazy day nap. Whether you are feeling down or just a little chilly, grab that soft woollen throw blanket from the couch and wrap it around yourself.

This wholesome softness would be the perfect for him on this 7th anniversary.

2. Rug


Rugs are something else that you can get for him on this anniversary. A small one to put under their desk maybe, or a big one for the bedroom, either way, having a nice soft rug under his feet would feel significantly better than hard flooring, that’s for sure.

Get a soft woollen rug on this 7th anniversary for him and keep those feet happy.

3. Sweater


Now, who doesn’t love a soft knitted sweater? In the cold chilly weather, wearing a woollen sweater gives you the warmth you need and protects you from the cold.

The exact significance of the seventh year marriage is also this, the loving warmth and protection. Let him know of this significance and get him this warm gift on this 7th anniversary.

4. Scarf


A soft scarf around the neck can be the reason for a whole lot of comfort. He would absolutely love a pair softly knitted scarves to keep him warm in the colder seasons and will remember you fondly.

5. Pillow


Believe it or not, woollen pillows are an absolute delight. These pillows are great for your neck and helps reduce pressure to ensure better sleep.

So, without further waiting, get this sweet and thoughtful gift on this 7th anniversary for him.

6. Footwear

There are quite a few benefits of wool shoes that other ones might not offer. For example, you don’t need to wear socks with wool shoes, because it regulates sweat on its own.

And if the show feels dirty you can just chuck it in the washing machine and have clean shows in a couple of hours. A great gift for your husband in this 7th year anniversary or what?

7. Wallet

Have you been noticing how he has been using the same old wallet for ages? Well now might be a good time to buy him a new one.

And the occasion calls for it too, in this wool anniversary, get him a cool looking wool wallet and make him happy.

8. Art

Wool arts are really gorgeous. Don’t you think so? These handcrafted artworks would be perfect for his office space, maybe behind the desk?

Get an art piece that you know he would like, because after seven years of being together, you definitely have an idea, just go for it. He will love this gift for sure.

9. Backpack

Does your husband travel a lot? Maybe they just like to carry a backpack with them anywhere they go. Either way, get him a cool looking and also sturdy wool backpack this 7th anniversary and make him happy.

10. Beanie


Whenever you think of wool, you have to think of beanies. That’s basically a given. Woollen things are meant to be warm and protective. Just like your marriage. So get a pair of beanies as the 7th anniversary gift for him.

11. Socks


Woollen socks are comfy as heck. They are soft, keeps your feet warm and makes you feel cozy. What more do you need? Get your husband a few pairs of fluffy wool socks in this 7th anniversary and keep them warm with love.

12. Coffee Sleeve

Coffee Sleeve

Does he basically run on coffee? Always ordering one or the other? Well, doesn’t matter if it is a hot coffee or a cold one, a coffee sleeve is a great thing to have.

It’ll keep his hand from either getting burned or wet, depending on the coffee he is having. It’s a win-win situation.

13. Coat


Wool coats are definitely a style statement. They are long and fashionable and extremely comfortable. Need I say more?

You know the tradition is to get wool in the 7th anniversary, and you know your husband loves to be stylish, get a gorgeous wool coat and instant success.

14. Gloves


At the end of the woollen list, I present to you, wool gloves. Need I go on any more about the benefits of wool? If you didn’t like the previous ideas, or your husband already has them, then a pair of wool gloves might be the right thing for you. It’ll be a great gift for the 7th anniversary for him.

Traditional Gifts–Copper

You want to know why copper is chosen? Well, let me tell you. According to Greek mythology, copper is known as the metal that apparently attracts love and gives you protection against evil.

Copper traditionally also means prosperity and good fortune. How great does that sound? But, it might not be easy to know what exactly you can get that’s made out of copper, because they are generally not an everyday used metal are they?

So, down below we have created a list for you to make this easier and

Copper Gifts

15. Cufflinks


Copper has such a nice colour; I just can’t get over it. And accessories made out of copper? Count me in my friend. These sophisticated looking copper cufflinks would look so good in a formal getup, I’m sure you can already imagine.

So, what are you waiting for? In this copper anniversary, get your husband a pair of copper cufflinks as a gift.

16. Tiepin


Hearing the word copper might make you think of rust, and I won’t blame you for it. But you my friend don’t know how sophisticated copper can look unless you look for yourself.

Just look at these gorgeous copper tiepins and tell me you don’t think they are sophisticated. They are perfect for any occasion and will surely make your husband look dashing.

17. Custom Key chain


Another great gift made with copper is a custom made keychain. You can have the keychain to be engraved with anything you want, and copper is very flexible, so that will not be a problem.

Give him something long lasting and valuable to carry around as a gift in this 7th anniversary.

18. Coffee Press

Coffee Press

Do you have a coffee junkie as a husband? Someone who can’t function without his morning cup of coffee? Then a coffee press is going to be the literal perfect gift for him.

And because this is the copper anniversary, get a copper coffee press as a gift for him and make him tremendously happy.

19. Mugs


You might not think much of copper mugs, but they are definitely a cool thing to add to your collection. And if you think your husband might like them, then go for it.

20. Photo Frames 

Photo Frames 

In this copper anniversary, get him a bunch of copper photo frames, wither for his office or home, they are gorgeous and will look great literally anywhere.

21. Sculptures


Copper sculptures are a thing of beauty. The delicate craftsmanship combined with the gorgeous colours of copper creates a masterpiece. Get a beautiful copper sculpture made for him in this 7th anniversary and just be happy.

22. Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet

If your husband wears bracelets, then this is a brilliant gift idea for this anniversary. Copper cufflinks are very simple, and can easily be engraved if you want.

Get a pair as a gift in this 7th anniversary for him and he will cherish it.

23. Pen Set

Pen Set

Copper pen set has a vintage ring to it. They look absolutely brilliant and has a certain style to them that looks gorgeous.

Give him a set of copper pens to write with poise and precision. A gorgeous 7th anniversary gift for him without a doubt.

24. Hip Flask

Hip Flask

Old school? Maybe so, but copper hip flasks look cooler than any other hip flasks ever made. So, if he is into older things, a gorgeous copper hip flask might be a great gift.

25. Guitar Pick

Guitar Pick

Does he play the guitar? Plays new songs for you every now and then? Get a few beautiful copper guitar picks for him to play you new songs with. They are smooth and slim and will help him create new tunes effortlessly.

26. Bookends

Simple, yet gorgeous copper bookends for the desk is a nice and thoughtful gift idea. He would definitely appreciate you more for this brilliant gift, for giving him a place to keep his favourite books on the 7th anniversary.

27. Telescope


This here is for those stargazers out there. If he likes to watch the starts at night and likes to get lost in the sky for hours, a copper telescope is going to make them ecstatic.

28. Nameplate


The last gift idea on the copper section is a nameplate. Yes, you got that right. An engraved nameplate for his office desk is a great gift for him in the 7th anniversary.

Modern Gifts – Desk Set and Stationery

Desk sets are more of a contemporary gift for the 7th anniversary. If your husband prefers a more modern approach in life, then this will be the perfect kind of gift for him.

This idea generally represents the pride and love one has for their significant other’s work. Get them something useful as well as thoughtful to celebrate this anniversary.

A list of ideas for your 7th anniversary gifts of desk set and stationary for him are given below.

Desk and Stationery Gifts

29. Potted Plants

Potted Plants

A small yet beautiful potted plant can liven up any desk space without effort. It is a bonus if he likes gardening and plants, but even if he doesn’t, you can never go wrong with getting a cute potted plant as a gift.

It is a modern yet beautiful gift on the 7th anniversary for him.

30. Eyeglass Holder

Of your husband wears glasses then a glass holder a pretty brilliant gift idea. After taking off the glasses for a bit, we definitely have the tendency to forget where we have put them.

With a glass holder, that danger can be totally averted. Get a modern and stylish glass holder for his desk this anniversary and give him a sweet surprise.

31. Keyboard Cover

Working long time on a computer means that you can sometimes spill stuff on it, and by on it I definitely mean the keyboard.

And if your husband is the clumsy type, then it obviously happens. So, to save him the trouble, get a keyboard covering as a gift for this 7th year anniversary,

32. Pen Holder

Pen Holder

Penholders are really useful things to have on a desk. It helps with managing the clutter and also makes things easier to find. Get a multifunctional pen holder for him in this 7th anniversary and help declutter that desk.

33. Notepad


In this digital era, how many of us actually writes in a real life notepad anymore? Well, let me tell you, a lot of people do. And if your husband is one of them, then get him a gorgeous set of notebooks to work with.

34. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Doesn’t matter if he loves tea or coffee, having his own mug at his desk in the office would definitely carry on a sense of belonging.

So, for this 7th anniversary, get him a gorgeous mug for his office desk and make him feel more comfortable.

35. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

Doesn’t matter if you are working in the daylight or night, a desk lamp is always useful. They brighten up the workspace and gives you more clearance on things.

So, in this 7th anniversary, as a modern gift for him, get a pair of lamps for his desk and help improve his work.

36. Sticky Note

Sticky Note

Sticky notes are a great thing to have in a desk space. They help write down instant thoughts and you can pin them for a reminder for a later time. It’s a cute gift and will make him want to write sweet notes for you everyday.

37. Highlighter


Highlighters are another useful item to have at a desk space in my book. Because you never know when you might need them to highlight an important line in a document.

So, without further ado, get him a set of highlighters as a sweet little gift for your 7th anniversary.

38. Stamps


Customized stamps are really cool things to have. They show an official sign to all the documents as well as improve the looks to be a lot better.

Get him customized stamps to add to the sophistication of his documents and enjoy your 7th anniversary.

39. Custom Envelopes

Custom Envelopes

The last item on our list is custom envelopes. Sending mail in a cool custom envelope will make his day as well as make the receivers happy too with this little surprise.

So, wait no more and get a bunch of custom envelopes for his desk for the 7th anniversary gift.

In the end though, it all depends on you and what you think is going to be the best gift for him in the 7th anniversary of your togetherness.

Whatever you choose, whether it’s from from our list or not, if this article gave you an idea for a gift, that’s enough for us. Have a brilliant anniversary and stay blessed.

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