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19+ Unique Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Teachers

Is it the beginning or end of the school year or the teacher appreciation week, or are you thinking of a daily teacher appreciation idea? Then I bet you are wondering what would be a lovely gift a teacher would like. Gifting a teacher is an excellent way to thank them for their effort to take care of all these kids single-handedly. 

If you are thinking of a gift that will be long-lasting yet quick and easy to create, then a DIY teacher appreciation mason jar is the way to go. Currently, mason jars seem to be the new craze of gift ideas, and it is a nice cheap teacher appreciation gift. Here are 21 unique DIY mason jar gift ideas for teachers.

Our teacher appreciation mason jar ideas include:

19+ Unique Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Teachers

1. Flower Vase

If the teacher you are gifting is a flower lover, you are on the right track with a flower vase mason jar. This will be a classic feature for her table in class, or she can get to hang it up in her home alongside her other flower collection or in her garden. You can get a painted mason jar for a shiny or matte-looking effect and choose your desired flower arrangement.

2. Glitter Jar Pencil Holder

If your teacher’s table is often cluttered up mostly with pencils or they use a plain old container to hold the pencils, this is a great idea to make things a lot tidier. To add a little flavor to its uniqueness, you can decide to use glitters to give a shiny effect.

3. Alphabets Flower Vase

Doing flower crafts is a fun way to involve even the kids in gifting their teacher, and you can turn it into a great learning experience by using alphabets. The use of alphabets will also enhance the uniqueness of the simple flower vase. You can also use the Mason jar covers by sticking fresh flower petals to them as a flower teacher appreciation idea in place of putting flowers inside the Mason jar.

4. Survival Kit

When it comes to a teacher survival kit Mason jar, I consider how hectic the first week of the new school year can get. From getting to school hours earlier than the kids, leaving late, and being at the school a few weeks ahead of the school opening. You can pack up some energizers, a chocolate bar, ChapStick, and some hand lotion.

5. Emergency Kit

Unlike a survival kit used to get the teacher through a tough day, sometimes an emergency kit is set for emergencies. While controlling a bunch of kids, it is not unlikely that the teacher can have trouble and, in some cases, with the kids. For an emergency kit, you get to include bandages, pain meds for a headache or tummy ache, hand sanitizer, and mints in your homemade teacher appreciation gift.

6. Succulent Planter

Thinking of gifting them some flowers, but you are afraid they want to last around for long enough, then you should consider using succulents instead. The upside of giving succulent plants in a mason jar is that they do not dry up fast. 

You fill up the jar with tiny rocks to allow drainage the fill it with soil and plant in the succulent, ensuring that its bottom is flush with the top of the jar. You can add a note with a pun intended message for a smile. The teacher might even decide to use the Mason jar succulent planter as a class plant project that would be exciting.

7. Garden Kit

You can make this handmade gift for teachers who are garden lovers and might have a garden back at home. It can come in handy even in maintaining the flower vase Mason jar and the succulent planter jar. The seed sprouting jar kit can be accompanied by a pair of gardening gloves, a packet of any plant seeds, and maybe an instruction manual on how to take care of the plant seedlings.

8. Fruits

A mason jar filled with fruits is just another version of gifting a fruit basket but with a little bit more creativity. If you are looking for a perfect last-minute DIY teacher gift, then I bet you can work your way around this one. For the bottom layer, you can place some nuts followed by oranges, then grapes, or any other fruits of your choice, and lastly, for some uniqueness, top it off with some chocolate.

9. Sharpie Holder

Are you looking for a cheap teacher appreciation gift that will not rip you off a lot of money and, at the same time, is easy to create? Then consider gifting them a sharpie mason jar. They will be utterly pleased with the different bright colored sharpies that might even make marking tests and homework a bit more interesting. You can be sure to find a dozen of sharpies in a store nearby your home at a low price.

10. Dr. Seuss

Kids enjoy reading Dr. Seuss’s stories, and what better way to appreciate their teachers for reading these stories to them than gifting them with any Dr. Seuss jar craft ideas. This is a fantastic idea of a handmade gift for teachers where the parents, with the help of their children, can make a simple Dr. Seuss hat that you can use as a Mason jar top. They can also decorate the jar by painting Dr. Seuss onto the jar. That would be fun, and the teacher would appreciate the work and thought put into gifting them.

11. Notebook Jar

A desk organizer is one thing that I assure you would come in handy for a teacher. You can decide to gift them with a plain-looking mason jar for a desk organizer. But what would be the fun in that? Instead, you can do a homemade DIY gift for the teacher from students by simply painting the mason jar as a notebook or composition book, and you can let the kids tag along for this project. 

Paint the jar with some black matte finish paint and a patch of it in white, add a vertical band on the side, then dab some white paint over the black matte color. On the white patch, draw a few thin black lines with a pointed brush, and you have a composition book mason jar that the teacher can use to hold whatever she prefers.

12. Candy-filled Mason Jar

If the teacher appreciates sweet treats, you can settle for a colorful, happy, simple DIY mason jar project by giving the teacher a candy-filled jar. You only require to stop by the store and get some skittles, m&m’s, chocolate, or lollipops, then neatly arrange them inside your pot. Another creative way to do the candy-filled mason jar is to create a candy flower vase, maybe for that one or two teachers who are allergic to flowers.

13. Christmas Tree

During Christmas festivities, we give gifts to the people around us in the spirit of sharing and giving thanks. This will be an appropriate time to gift the kid’s teachers for all their hard work and selflessness when caring for our children. As an excellent Christmas gift appreciation idea, think of something that gives some country vibes to our homes. 

You can use some leftover tree flocking and spray some water on the jar’s exterior, then add a touch of some snowy feel to finish it up. You can also use painter’s tape, acrylic paint, and cut out a Christmas tree figure, then pour in some Epsom salt.

14. Tissue Holder

Add some fun, beautiful yet functional décor to the teacher’s desk by making them a cute mason jar tissue holder. They can replace the common cardboard tissues with this unique DIY teacher appreciation gift. You can use the teacher’s favorite color to paint the jar or blend in several bright colors, and you can choose any personalized wordings to go with it. Go ahead and make a Mason jar tissue holder lid by cutting an ‘X’ on the center of the lid, then place the tissues inside the jar.

15. Banana Bread

Of course, everybody loves a homemade meal or snack, and having the snack given to you as a gift in a cute mason jar is nothing short of adorable. Once you pop out the bread from the mason jar, you will have tiny pretty round slices of sweet banana bread. 

It is an easy teacher appreciation gift that you can bake with your kids but avoid any breakage due to too much heat in the oven. Once it has cooled off, go ahead and seal the jar, then decorate the jar to your liking.

16. Scented Mason Jar Candle

When it comes to scented Mason jar candles, there are two ways to go about it. You can opt to use a ready-made scented candle, or you can outdo yourself by making your homemade scented candle. You can buy the ready-made scented candle at a store nearby for a low price. I won’t delve much into the homemade scented candle idea. 

You can use pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and a few essential oils, then add a cotton wick on a hole you have drilled on the lid. For more information, you can look up a few more ideas on the internet.

17. Pick Me Up

School days can get quite challenging for the teachers, especially if they happen to be having issues of their own and have to act strong. The best way to chip in and keep them going whenever things get complicated is by gifting them with this pick-me-up mason jar. You can write down or print some positive motivational or even funny words. We can all agree that a few motivational words hold a lot of unseen power and positive influence.

18. Makeup Brush Holder

Did you happen to notice that your kid’s teacher is a makeup fanatic and often carries around her makeup kit? A makeup brush mason jar might be a great idea to allow her to hold a couple of brushes in one place without worrying about them getting spoilt. You can create a rustic mason jar makeup holder using chicken wire and a lid ring to make it easier and orderly.

19. Dog Treat

What is a better way to show a teacher who is a dog owner or dog lover appreciation than to think about gifting their pet instead? Shove in a few tiny dog toys that the dog would enjoy. Add in some dog food treats to fill up the jar. To add a little touch to it, you can stick cute dog stickers onto the mason jar.

20. Bathroom Essentials Mason Jar

A bath bomb or a bath salt is an excellent way to tell the kids teachers they require to unwind and relax after a long day of handling those angels. Just like you did with the makeup brush holder, you can create a DIY rustic jar to be used as a toothbrush holder. 

You can also make a soap pump jar by drilling a hole on the lid and fixing a soap pump in there. Decorate the mason jar with a few attractive layers of paint, then put in a lovely scented soap, bath bombs, or bath salt inside the jar, then wrap it up.

21. Coffee or Tea

Is the teacher a coffee lover or tea lover? We all need something to get us through those tiring mornings, and nothing beats tea or a nice cup of coffee you can have early in the morning. Put in a variety of different tea bags or coffee instant packets flavors in the jar. You can also pack some coffee beans for a coffee lover or a teabag squeezer for the tea lover as an assortment of sorts.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. What can I put in a mason jar as a gift?

A. The great thing about using mason jars as gift holders or simply as a gift is that they are versatile for a range of different products. I have come up with a list of some of the best gift ideas you can put inside a mason jar in this article. Go ahead and take a look, and I am sure you will have a rough idea of what you would prefer to put inside the mason jar.

Q. What do teachers want for gifts?

A. Teachers often appreciate even the tiniest of gestures of appreciation from their students or the students’ parents. Therefore, gifting them does not have to be such a tiring task, but it is best to go out of your way and show them how your creativity has grown so far. Please do not shy away from getting expensive or inexpensive gifts. The thought is what counts.

Q. What is the best and great gift for teacher appreciation?

A. Teacher appreciation week is around the corner, and you are racking your brain on what to get that special teacher for a teacher gift. This article contains a list of unique DIY teacher appreciation gift ideas that are the best for teacher appreciation.

Final Thoughts

Mason jar gift ideas for teachers are unique DIY gifts that any gift recipient appreciates. Your teacher will highly appreciate the present. With a bit of paint and printed cards or stickers of your choice, you will transform a regular mason jar into a unique gift idea. Give these 21 unique DIY mason jar gift ideas for teachers and watch them work wonders.

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