45 Best Gifts for Entrepreneur That’ll Revamp Their Activity

Do you have an entrepreneur in your life who is always working? Are they so immersed in their work that they barely have time for you, but you still care for them all the same?

Well, holiday season is a great time to show that to your friend or significant other that you support them nonetheless.

What to Get Gifts for Entrepreneur?

Sometimes, buying an entrepreneur a casual gift is not enough. You have to be thoughtful and determine what they need to make their busy life even a bit easier. These are the people who are always working hard to get things done.

They go to sleep late and wake up early, only to hustle all day long. So, is it so unreasonable to say that they deserve better gifts then the average thoughtless ones? Well, you don’t really have to worry about that anymore.

We have created a huge list of gift ideas for you to pick and choose from. Just read on and select what you think will suit your entrepreneur friend best.

1. Tile

When you think of entrepreneurs, does the word organized come to mind? I bet it doesn’t. entrepreneurs are very disorganized in general.

If your friend is like that and losing their keys and wallet all the time, shouting at everyone while leaving the house to know if anyone has seen them, a time mate is going to be the perfect gift for them.

It is a gadget that can be easily attached to keys and wallets. They are Bluetooth enabled and can be connected to your phone.

So, when they lose it, they can send a signal through their phone and it will make a noise to let them know where the item is. How cool is that? A great gift for your entrepreneur friend that is also massively useful.

2. Notebook


Every single entrepreneur out there needs a notebook always on hand. They have ideas popping up in their at random all the time and having a notebook at hand makes it easy to just write them down.

They don’t have to worry about remembering an idea they had on the way to get takeout and wait till they are home to write it down.

Gift them a small yet sturdy notebook that they can carry with them all the time and write down those brilliant ideas.

3. Whiteboard


Your entrepreneur buddy might always be pitching their elaborate ideas to you and everyone around them. We know you love them and support them, but to a non-entrepreneur, these ideas will start to get boring pretty soon.

To avoid such situations and also to support your entrepreneur friend, give them a big whiteboard and some markers. Encourage them to map out their ideas in real life in the whiteboard to have a better grasp of the idea.

That way they will also have a better chance of success. It is a genuinely good gift idea for an entrepreneur to give them encouragement.

4. French Press

French Press

If someone is an entrepreneur, you better be sure that they consume coffee by the bucketful. Coffee is what gives them the drive to continue to hustle on those lazy days.

Long nights and early mornings are an entrepreneur’s daily routine. Having a strong cup of coffee in the morning is a very good energy source to jump start the mind.

A French press is going to be a great gift for these friends. Your friend will make coffee early on and quite easily too. They can use the gift every day and be forever thankful to you.

5. Happy Light

Happy Light

A happy light is something that will give your brain a little shove to wake up in the morning. It’s a bright light that makes you feel like it’s a good morning and help you get that sleepy brain awake. It is a great gift for those early riser entrepreneur who always puts their work above anything else.

6. Airpods


The next gift on our list is an airpod. An airpod is something that gives you the hands free music experience for your iPhone. if your entrepreneur friend is someone, who always uses the brand new products, then be sure that they have the latest model of iPhone as well.

To compliment that phone and also to give them another new gadget to add to their collection, you can buy them an airpod. They can enjoy seamless music while resting and relax thanks to you.

7. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

There are people who are obsessed with iPhones, then there are people who are just happy with their normal androids. For those people and more, a paid or Bluetooth headphones might be a great gift idea. It will be an even greater gift if your friend is a music lover.

This gift is for those entrepreneur friend who listens to music for both inspiration and relaxation. This headphone will allow them to enjoy music without having to deal with the hassle of wires getting in the way. A brilliant gift idea for a music lover entrepreneur no doubt.

8. Portable Charger

Portable Charger

Being friends with an entrepreneur means you know how hectic their schedule is. They are always moving from one place to another, either to pitch an idea or to turn that idea into reality, sometimes somewhere in between. For these friends, a great gift is going to be a good portable charger.

Something they can use on the go to keep their phones with a full battery, so they can always keep in touch with their important contacts. Because, you know they are always talking on the phone, getting appointments, arranging meetings and just plain talking about ideas.

So, gift them a portable charger to help them stay on the phone even more.

9. Audible Subscription

Audible Subscription

Being an entrepreneur means that you hardly have any time to relax. But when you do get the time, you just feel lost because by that point all you know is working and when you get the chance to take a break you just don’t know what to do.

This might a good chance to get back into books. But reading a book manually can be quite a bother to some people these days, especially when they want to relax. An audible subscription will be a brilliant gift for that friend.

Audible has a wide range of books in the audiobook format and anyone can enjoy it whenever they want. Even while working. So, get them a few months of audible subscription and help them relax.

10. Wi-Fi Enable Doorbell

Wi-Fi Enable Doorbell

Wi-Fi enabled doorbells are a great gift for people who do not want to get up every time a bell rings and also if they are always outside and their house is empty a lot.

These bells actually come with motion sensors and camera to ensure you know the moment someone is at your doorstep and who they are via your phone.

It even keeps a record for you to see later. This will be a very useful gift for that entrepreneur friend who is always on meetings.

11. Long Charging Cable

Long Charging Cable

A long charging cable is useful for those entrepreneur friends who work all day long and at the end of the day, just wants to relax on the bed with their phones, but actually can’t because the battery has run out over the day.

And, they also don’t have a port by the bed. It is a very common conundrum if I say so myself. So, give your friend the trouble of sitting up when they are tired and buy them a long charging cable to use.

They can relax on the bed and thank you profusely.

12. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Another great gift for a music lover entrepreneur is a Bluetooth speaker. It’s a portable device that they can place basically anywhere and enjoy the sweet beat of music.

They can just place it in a corner of their desk and play some background music to help with their work. Gift your entrepreneur music lover friend a cool Bluetooth speaker and make them happy.

13. Mug


A mug is an easy enough gift to get and a gift that is useful too. But don’t just go and buy any mug you find on the shop. Look for something that has meaningful writings about the entrepreneur life on it.

You might even get custom printed mugs for your friend. It will be a very personal gift and will be much appreciated when your friend drinks coffee or tea from it daily.

14. Smart Watch

Smart Watch


Just because your entrepreneur friend stays at their all day doesn’t give them the right to not do any exercise. Give them a smart watch to make sure they put enough steps in every day and stays healthy.

It is a great gift when you want your entrepreneur friend to stay healthy and happy, and in the long run, they would be thankful for such a thoughtful gift.

15. Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum

Working long hours mean that cleaning up after yourself can become very hard. If your entrepreneur friend is someone like that, someone who is working all the time and is too tired afterwards to clean the house, a robot vacuum is going to be the perfect gift for them.

They can just schedule a specific time and the vacuum will clean the house daily without any hassle. A gift of modern technology to help your entrepreneur friend have a clean and better home life.

16. Waterproof Notepad

Waterproof Notepad

Taking a refreshing shower or a hot bath can calm your mind and body simultaneously. By doing so, the brain becomes open to new possibilities before you know it. And for an entrepreneur, this is a prime opportunity to think up ideas for their next venture.

But writing down ideas while in the shower can be pretty tough. This is where you come in. You can gift them a pair of waterproof notepad that they can hang on their shower wall.

This way, they can write down ideas on the go without having to worry about water and paper. A genius gift idea to say the least.

17. Adjustable Laptop Table

Laptop Table

Adjustable laptop tables are handy things to have when you don’t have a designated desk space or if you don’t like sitting at the desk all day. This device will help you work from anywhere, be it the couch or the bed, even on the floor.

If your entrepreneur friend is always at their desk and is always complaining about it too, buy them this awesome gift and broaden their horizon. It will be a lifesaving gift for sure.

18. Flask


This item on the list is for those entrepreneurs who needs to take a sip of whiskey to calm their nerves. Entrepreneurs are always on meetings and appointments to pitch ideas and making them happen. If they are a bit nervous then the job becomes ten times harder.

To help them along the way, you can gift them a hip flask that they can fill with their chosen drink and take a swig when they feel especially nervous. A novelty gift that can actually be useful. What more is there to ask for?

19. Crockpot


Don’t have time to cook but getting tired of takeout every day? An easy solution for that problem is a crockpot. If your entrepreneur friend is always working and barely has time to cook, so they just reply on takeout. Buy them a crockpot and help the eat healthy. It is a very thoughtful gift and saves a lot of effort of cooking.

20. Cards Against Humanity

Now, this item is not for everyone, definitely not the kind hearted. If your entrepreneur friend has a solid sense of humour and they love twisted humour, this gift s for them. Cards against humanity is a card game that you can play with your friends.

But the catch is it has a very twisted sense of humour that not everyone will like. So, if your friend circle is okay with that, and you should know, buy your entrepreneur friend a deck of cards against humanity and play with them on their free time.

21. Dream Journal

Dream Journal

Dream journals are generally for writing down dreams, but for entrepreneurs, this is a bit different. Because entrepreneurs do not dream normal dreams.

They dream up ideas. It is a true fact. So, buy your entrepreneur friend a dream journal so that when they get an idea in the middle of a dream, they can just write it down and go back to sleep.

Waking up and finding cool new ideas would definitely be a great surprise, and they would surely thank you, right?

22. Business Cards

Business Cards

Being an entrepreneur and not having business cards shows a certain lack of professionalism. We know it is the modern era and everything is digital. But you know there is integrity in giving someone you met a business card.

Give your friend the classiness they deserve buy making them a set of ultra-modern and sleek business cards and help them elevate above others.

23. Copyright Course

Copyright Course


Being an entrepreneur means you have to know all your laws. On very important law is the copyright law. In fact, some might say it is the most important law an entrepreneur needs to know.

Help out your friend by enrolling them in an online copyright course so that they can get educated on how things work and how they can stay away from copyright issues. They will be extremely grateful to you for this gift.

24. Good Pen Set

Good Pen Set

In this modern age, some people still likes to take down ideas and notes the old fashioned way. With a solid pen and a sturdy piece of paper. If the entrepreneur in your life works that way, you can buy them a set of good pens. You can never go wrong with a good pen set as a gift no matter what the occasion is. It is going to be a great gift.

25.  Books on Entrepreneurship

Books on Entrepreneurship

There are some seriously good books on entrepreneurship out there. If you see that your friend is lacking a bit of motivation to keep up the good work, you can help them by gifting them a few good books on entrepreneurship.

It will help them pass the time as well as give them the motivation they need to work. It will be a helpful kind of a gift, but appreciated non the less.

26. Kindle


If your friend is an entrepreneur who likes to spend their free time reading books and relaxing, a kindle would be a great gift for them. They can take a kindle anywhere and simultaneously carry hundreds of books with them without actually having to.

They can just put it in their bag and take it to meetings and read in between breaks to spend the time and calm the nerves. A kindle is the kind of gift that will keep on giving and your entrepreneur friend will love it.

27. Paperweight


You might think it lame that a paperweight is in this list. But hear me out. You can get really cool paperweights out there. The art that goes into paperweight is really underappreciated. But a gorgeous paperweight on a desk can change it from being a simple desk to a professional and classy desk in seconds.

So, for your entrepreneur friend, who is always on their desk a beautiful paperweight is going to be a great gift.

28. Miniature Zen Garden

Miniature Zen Garden

Now, we venture into the calmer area of this list. We have a gift that will help soothe the soul and calm the mind. A miniature zen garden. Small enough to sit at the desk and not big enough that it is hard to maintain. Give your entrepreneur friend a miniature zen garden his holiday to help them relieve some of their stress the easy way.

29. Yoga Pass

Yoga Pass

Another gift to help with stress in this list is a yoga pass. Yoga has been always known to help with calming the body and mind. So, when you see your entrepreneur friend is working way too hard and barely taking any rests, buy them a pass for a yoga class and take them there if you have to.

It will be a definite help with relieving the stress of their mind and help them relax. Dare I say it will make them quite happy too.

30. Good Camera

Good Camera

Entrepreneurs most of the times need to advertise their products online and it can be pretty tough to be in business in this modern days of technology, where everything is high definition. If you see your significant other or close friend struggling with that aspect of their career, now is the time for you to step up my friend.

You can give them a good camera as a gift. Give them something they can use to get good quality pictures of their product and use them for quality advertisement. They will be grateful without a doubt.

31. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Does the entrepreneur in your life live in a very noisy area? Can they not concentrate while working because of all the noise surrounding them? Then this occasion, buy them a noise cancelling headphone to make their life a bit easier. It will be a great gift because they can just put it on whenever they need to concentrate and work peacefully.

32. Washable Keyboard

Washable Keyboard


Now, we all have a clumsy friend among us who is always spilling some thing or the other. And if that someone is your entrepreneur friend, then we have a problem. Because you know they work on computers a lot and you can be sure that they will be spilling coffee and crumbs all over that poor keyboard.

So, what should you do as their considerate friend? Let me tell you, just gift them a waterproof keyboard on their next birthday and let them be as clumsy as they can be.

33. Motivational Poster

Motivational Poster

A good motivational poster can get you a long way. Everyone has quotes that inspires them. Get to know what that quote is from your entrepreneur friend and surprise them with a poster made of that motivational quote. They will definitely hang it up on their wall so they can see it every day and be inspired for a new day.

34. Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is always a handy thing to have. Especially is you have to be on the move a lot but must have your laptop with you. If you know your entrepreneur friend is always moving from one place to another but is always carrying their laptop in a normal bag, now is your chance.

You are going to get two birds with one stone because, one you have found a gift for them and two it is a useful gift. Neat, right?

35. Pen Holder

Pen Holder

A good pen holder can help clear up a lot of clutter from a desk. If you visit your entrepreneur friend a lot and notice they have a massively cluttered desk, you can give them a gift on their next birthday or on the next holiday to help with that. A pen holder is actually a good solution for this.

Clutter mostly happens because of small things being strewn around. So having a pen holder with compartments will be like having an organizer. And your friend can put all the clutter in there and have a neater desk.

36. Puzzle


Did you know solving puzzles calms the mid and opens it up for critical thinking that would have been possible with an overly active mind. This holiday season, if you are looking for a gift for your entrepreneur friend, puzzle set might be a good idea. It will help them concentrate and simultaneously help them relax.

37. Wooden Desk Calendar

Wooden Desk Calendar

Desk calendars are useful things to have, they help us keep track of our life and helps with better management. But how cool is an wooden desk calendar? Wooden calendars are a good and solid gift you can get for your entrepreneur friend. Pun absolutely intended.

38. Hour Glass

Hour Glass

This will be another novelty gift on our list. An hourglass would be a very cool gift and an excellent addition to a desk. Your entrepreneur friend would be absolutely delighted to have such a cool gift.

Hourglasses are timelessly classy and will always enhance a places beauty without a doubt. A pretty neat source of entertainment too. You can just pass your free time by watching the sand fall if you want.

39. Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag

A duffel bag is a great thing to have when you have to go on short journeys to attend meetings. It relieves the career off having the burden to carry a luggage and going through the luggage rack at the airport.

Saves a lot of time in the process too. So, if your entrepreneur friend is travelling around for meetings, a pair of duffel bags might be a good gift idea. They can use it easily and take it on the go.

40. Wallet


Wallets are the kind of gift that you can never go wrong with. A classic gift that everyone appreciates no matter what the occasion is. So, after looking high and low for a gift for your entrepreneur friend, you still can’t find anything suitable for them, you can just buy them a good wallet. Saves you the trouble of not having a gift and makes them happy too.

41. Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is a really important thing to have for people who are always on the move. Access of internet can be pretty tough when you are always moving. But for an entrepreneur, having internet connection is a must.

A mobile hotspot will solve that problem and will be a huge relief for your friend. So, what are you waiting for? Gift your entrepreneur friend a mobile hotspot and make them instantly happy.

42. Portable Scanner

Portable Scanner

Another greatly important thing to have as an entrepreneur is a portable scanner. Portable scanners will help scan important papers on the go and save the trouble of going to look for a scanner. If you decide to give your entrepreneur friend and it will definitely be a very nice gift to give.

43. Skillshare Subscription


Skillshare is actually an American based learning website that lets you attend interactive classes to learn a skill. There are thousands of skill classes available for subscribers.

You can get your friend a skillshare subscription to help them learn more about their own work or they can even broaden their horizons and learn new things. Either way, it will be a great gift for an entrepreneur.

44. Spa Trip

Spa Trip

Here we have with us another gift that is focused on distressing. Get your workaholic entrepreneur friend a spa trip to get them away from all the pressure even for a few days. It will help heal them and they will return like a brand new person. Spa trips might be the perfect gift for an entrepreneur who works all the time.

45.  Starbucks Gift Cards

Starbucks Gift Cards

Last on this list, we have a gift for that entrepreneur who is a fan of Starbucks. You will always see them drinking from a Starbucks cup, always ordering a new drink. Starbucks gift cards are a great gift for them. It is not over bearing, as well as a pretty decent gift for a Starbucks lover.

In the end, it is not the quantity of the gift, or even the amount of money spent on it that makes it special. A gift that is well thought over and meaningful is the perfect gift for a person. No matter if they are an entrepreneur or not.

Know the entrepreneur in your life, learn about their preferences and pick a gift from our list according to that. Pick something that is useful and thoughtful, or just something to make them feel better. Either way, it will be a great gift.

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