27 Best Gifts for Librarians They’ll Like Most

Librarians are the greatest source of information and not even Google can compete with them. Buying gifts for librarians should be a thoughtful process, something that shows you appreciate their effort to make it easier to navigate in the library. Librarians work really hard to make sure you have a good and uncomplicated time while you are there.

The most basic thing about buying gifts for librarians is that it can be book-themed or library-themed. It’s really an easy way to find gifts for librarians, but exactly what gift to buy can be a bit confusing. Not everyone can pick gifts easily, but a little nudge in the right direction can be of great help.

What to Get Gifts for Librarians?

While looking for gifts for librarians, you have to think outside the box for a bit. The gift doesn’t necessarily have to be super useful, but definitely has to be thoughtful. Something that shows that you respect them for the service they provide on a daily basis and they are appreciated.

In this article, we have created a list of gifts for librarians for you to read through, and pick from. Get something you think would show your librarian that they are appreciated.

1. Leather Kindle Cover

Leather Kindle Cover

The first item on this list of gifts for librarians is a leather kindle cover. Now, we all know librarians prefer to read hard copy books rather than soft copies. But there are some who are getting into reading the kindle versions of the books.

For those librarians, show them your support by gifting them a gorgeous leather-bound kindle cover to help them protect the precious device. It will be a very nice gift for a librarian.

2. I Like Big Books Art Decor

I Like Big Books Art Decor

This is of course a novelty gift for librarians. I like bog books and I cannot lie is a very cool rendition of the original song and librarians love it. And who else but a librarian would this quote be perfect for?

That’s right, no one else would love this gift more than a librarian. Any décor you buy for them with I like big books and I cannot lie quote, they would display it proudly in the library to show off.

3. Book Lamp

Book Lamp

This is a truly brilliant gift for a librarian. These book lamps are absolutely gorgeous and makes gives out perfect lighting to read a book at night. These comes in different shapes and looks extremely cool no matter where you put it. Get this unique gift for the librarian in your life and make them feel the coolest person ever.

4. Leather Messenger Bag

Laptop Bag

A classy addition to add to the persona of a librarian is a leather messenger bag. If you buy them this gift, they can carry it to with them to work every day and feel extremely professional. Buy them this cool gift and make them feel special.

5. Handmade Journal Cover

Handmade Journal Cover

Buy the librarian in your life something special this season with a gift of a handmade journal cover. Of course at first make sure that the librarian actual keeps a journal or not. But most of them does anyway. Buy this nice gift for them this holiday season and show them your appreciation.

6. Books About Librarians

Books About Librarians

We all know librarians like to read books, a lot. But this time, you can buy them a different kind of book this season. Books about librarians would be great thing read in their free time and they can read about all the struggles and dramas in other librarians lives and feel inspired.

7. Home Library Management Kit

Library Management Kit

Home library management kits is for those librarians who has a library in their homes too. Librarians love books so much that they collect a lot of books for themselves and eventually the collection grows so much that it basically becomes a library on its own rights.

A home management kit would be great way for the librarian to maintain their own home library this way and they would love this useful gift.

8. Library Card Themed Pouch

Library Card Themed Pouch

Anything that is library card themed is a must have item for a librarian. And also a brilliant gift idea. Kill two birds with one stone with this awesome gift of library card themed pouch that the librarian can keep in their purse and show it off to everyone as to how cool it is.

9. Book Themed Tote Bag

Notebook Tote Bag

Just like anything library themed, anything book themed is also a great gift idea for librarians. Book themed tote bags are one of said gifts. They can carry the bag while they go out shopping or other chores, even take it to the library if they want and let people know how much they love books.

10. Custom Bookmark

Custom Bookmark

We have already established that librarians love to read books, no one can deny that fact. This next item on our list of gifts for librarians are custom bookmarks. They are extremely useful for when you are reading any book, no matter how big or small the book is.

Bookmarks save you from the hassles of having to remember pages or dog ear them. Custom bookmarks would be a much appreciated gift for a librarian for sure.

11. Wooden Bookend

Wooden Bookend

This is a great gift to have for a librarian, no matter where they keep it, in their home or the office. Wooden bookends are classy piece of furniture that will help showcase those classy books they own.

12. Librarian Themed Pillows

Librarian Themed Pillows

Librarian themed pillows are cool things to gift to a librarian. They can keep them in the bedroom and remember you fondly before going to sleep every night. They would be grateful that you were thoughtful enough to buy them gifts that suited them and their career.

13. Library Wall Art

Library Wall Art

This is a gift that is as much for the librarian as it is for the library they work at. Library wall art is something they can showcase in their library and help increase the beauty and attractiveness of the library. Librarians love their library more than they love themselves sometimes. So, buying gifts for the library is a great way to make them happy.

14. Banned Books Mug

Banned Books Mug

Banned books are literature too. And librarians know that very well. Sadly, there is not much they can do about it. But you can help them commemorate those banned books by gifting them a banned books mug. They can keep it on their desk at work and show their support.

15. Book Tissue Holder

Book Tissue Holder

This is a very cool gift on this list of gifts for librarians. Book tissue holders are tissue holders shaped as old bound books. These disguised gifts would be a perfect gift for librarians to keep at their desk and amaze the people that go looking for a tissue.

16. Classy Pen Holder

Classy Pen Holder

No matter what anyone thinks, librarians are very classy, and they deserve classy gifts. Show them how much you respect their style by buying them a classy pen holder to keep at their desk at the library. It will enhance their overall style and make them happy all at the same time. It is a very nice gift for a librarian if you think about it.

17. Library Card Phone Case

Library Card Phone Case

Librarians and library cards are basically one and the same and that is a given. You cannot imagine a library card and not think about a librarian. And in that thread of thought, you know anything that is library card themed is going to be a brilliant gift idea for a librarian.

No matter what the occasion is, any librarian would love to have a library card phone case and would proudly show it off to their friends and family.

18. Edgar Allen Poe Scented Candle

Edgar Allen Poe Scented Candle

Now, no one really knows what Edgar Allen Poe smelled like, and obviously it doesn’t smell like the actual person, but this will definitely a great gag gift for a librarian. Doesn’t matter if they ever light this candle or not, it will be a cool thing to have in their collection without a doubt.

19. Writing Gloves

Writing Gloves for library

Writing gloves are very important things to have for people who has to write a lot and has the tendency to get cold easily. So, buy a pair of writing gloves as a gift for a librarian this holiday season and help them stay warm.

20. Librarian Charm Bracelet

Librarian Charm Bracelet

Get a cool librarian charm bracelet for the librarian in your life. Buy them a bracelet with a few library and book themed charms on them. These are really cool and simple gifts that the librarian can add other cook related charms if they want to later on. It will be a really good birthday gift for a librarian.

21. Magnetic Poetry Kit

Magnetic Poetry Kit

If the librarians you are looking to buy a gift for is into poetry a lot, you can buy them this magnetic poetry kit. This has all the famous poetries in a magnetic lettered form that they can arrange on their fridge and make for a cool décor in the kitchen. They can even use it as general décor around the house too.

22. Notebook T-shirt

Notebook T-shirt

Another novelty gift item on this list of gifts for librarians is a notebook themed t-shirt. These shirts would be extremely cool for librarians to wear on casual days so show off their geekiness to the general populace. White shirt with blue lines creates a massive notebook printed on a t-shirt, will definitely be a great gift to buy for any librarian.

23. Paperback Fragrance

Paperback Fragrance

This is a brilliant gift idea for librarians. Librarians always spend time around tonnes of books. So, the smell of books becomes very comforting for them, but when they stay away from the library, they can sometimes miss the smell of books and miss the comfort of library.

For those librarians, a great gift would be paperback fragrance, so they can enjoy the smell of books anywhere they are. This gift would be very appreciated.

24. Pencil Flats

Pencil Flats

Now, this here is a very cool gift for a librarian. These are flats that look like a pencil. What else could be a better gift for librarians? They are always working with pencils, writing down notes and working on inventories, it would be so cool to wear pencils too. And extremely hilarious without question. A very cool gift idea for a librarian.

25. Reading Journal

Reading Journal

Every librarian out there is a librarian is because they love to read and loves to be surrounded by books all day long. As a librarian, they read a lot of books. And after reading for year after year, it can be quite hard to keep track of all the books you have read, no matter how good your memory is.

So, you can help out the librarian by gifting them a reading journal. They can keep track of the books they read and make lists of books they want ot read. It will be a very useful gift for a librarian and they would be very grateful for it.

26. Monster Book of Monsters Plush

Monster Book of Monsters Plush

Now, this gift is not for everyone. Because not everyone would get it. But any librarian worth their salt has probably read the Harry Potter series and is familiar with the monster book of monsters.

If the librarian you are buying a gift for is a massive nerd and loves Harry Potter, then this will be a perfect gift choice for them. Monster book of monsters plush are extremely cute and will be the perfect cuddle buddy.

27. Bookish Pins

Bookish Pins

The last item on this list of gifts for librarians is book themed pins. You can get a bunch of cool bookish pins for them to wear. They can mix and match and wear a new pin each day.

It will be an awesome addition to their wardrobe and everyone at the library would be loving them. And the librarian would be thrilled to have such cool gifts added to their collection.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be a daunting task to look for gifts for librarians, and not just that, people find it difficult to find gifts for people in general. This list of gifts for librarians is here to help you learn what each gift is and what you think would be perfect for the librarian you want to buy the gift for.

It is entirely up to you what you want to buy, this list is only here as a guide.

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