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33 Excellent Gifts for Nature Lovers That’ll Blow Their Mind

Who doesn’t love nature right? But loving nature and being a nature lover are actually two very different things. Anyone can admire the beauty of nature and think how gorgeous it is.

But there are people who love being in the nature, they go out camping, goes hiking, climbs mountains, and whatever else makes them feel closer to mother nature.

Finding gifts for nature lovers can be quite a daunting task for this reason.

What to Get Gifts for Nature Lovers?

When you can Christmas coming up, or maybe a birthday and you want to buy gifts for your nature lover friend, you might find yourself in a conundrum, because you will get confused as to what to buy for them. Do you just buy a normal gift like any other or buy something meaningful that they will value for a long time?

Something that will show your thought and care for them. These are the kind of friends who will prefer going on a hiking trip instead of going to the movies, they would rather sleep in a tent in the wilderness than staying home in a warm bed.

Finding gifts for nature lovers can be a bit difficult because of these reasons. But have no worries, in this article we have created a list for you to shuffle through and pick the perfect gift for your nature lover friend.

1. Cozy Blanket


You might be thinking what kind of a gift would a blanket be for a nature lover? Well, imagine sitting in a camp chair early morning by a lake while out camping. Having a warm cozy blanket wrapped around you would feel fantastic.

It would also be a reminder of your love for them. A sweet gift for a nature lover to help them stay warm and enjoy nature.

2. Warm Socks


Camping is one of the major activities that nature lovers enjoy a lot. But camping with cold feet can be a bit difficult. Warm socks are the way to go to solve this problem.

Buy your nature loving friend a bunch of warm socks to keep them warm and let them enjoy the wilderness.

3. A Good Book


If you have a friend who is a nature lover but is also a book lover, then you can kill two birds in one stone and buy them a few good books. They can take the books with them while they go camping and enjoy both the nature and read in quite peace.

4. Butterfly Puddler


Did you know that butterflies likes to gather around puddles of water to get the essential minerals they need to survive? Did you also know that people actually make butterfly puddlers and you can buy them?

Buy your nature lover friend a gorgeous butterfly puddler to keep in their backyard and let the butterflies enhance the beauty. A brilliant gift for a nature lover for sure.

5. Bird Feeder


Every nature lover likes to see birds fly around in their backyard. But to truly keep the birds in your yard longer than a fleek, you need a birdfeeder. It will keep the birds busy, well fed and in the meantime, will give you time to admire their beauty. A bird feeder is one of the top tier gifts for nature lovers.

6. Water Bottle


As a nature lover, your friend might already have a few water bottles around the house. But it’s pretty easy to lose a bottle and having a few spare ones at hand has never hurt anybody. So, this holiday season, help your nature lover friend stay perfectly hydrated by gifting them water bottles.

7. Woollen Slipper


After a long day of hiking, all anyone would ever want to do is relax their feet. No matter how comfy your hiking shoes are, they will still put a strain on your feet. A pair of wool slipper will be a perfect gift for friends who love to take long hikes.

8. Watering Can


A lot of people who love nature loves to keep a bit of it with them, in their homes. And by that I mean they like to garden. Or even just keep a few potted plants around the house, to feel a bit closer to nature. A classy looking watering can would be a great gift idea for these nature loving friends.

9. Bike Shorts


Biking down famous trails is another favourite activity of nature loving people. If your friend is into biking and goes from place to place in search of gorgeous biking trails, then a pair of good biking shorts might be the best gift for them. It would be one of the coolest gifts for nature lovers if they love biking.

10. Tent


Tents are tricky things to put up. But for an experienced camper, it is as easy as putting on shoes. If you see that your nature loving friend is carrying around an old tent all the time to go camping, no is your chance to remedy that. Buy them a brand new tent to go camping and make their holiday perfect. A brilliant gift for the camp enthusiasts.

11. Nature Infused Sticky Notes


These nature infused sticky notes are so pretty and unique, anyone would love to have them. And if you are a nature lover, you would definitely put them up all over the place to show off your cool leaf notes. So, this birthday, get your nature lover friend this awesome gift and make them happy.

12. Portable Grill


Nature and grilled food kind of goes hand in hand, don’t you think so? Grilling food out in the open has a way of making you feel closer to the nature. So, buy your nature loving friend a portable grill that they can take anywhere and use it on the go. It will be a great and tasty way to connect with nature.

13. Waterproof Binoculars


You can enjoy nature to the fullest with a good binocular. A section of nature lovers enjoys watching animals roam freely in the wild. But in most cases, when you get too close to the animals, they run away. That is when you can really use a binocular. A binocular is one of the best gifts for nature lovers who love animals, without a doubt.

14. Phone Lamp


Flashlights are useful without a doubt. But these phone lamps are even more useful. They reduce the glare of typical phone flashlight and gives a bright glow to lighten up the inside of the tent. On top of that, they are pretty adorable too. So, without further delay, buy your nature loving friend these phone lamps to brighten up their nights.

15. Glow in the Dark Playing Cards


This gift on the list is actually a novelty gift, yet useful. Camping out with friends is always fun, but how good would it feel to sit around the campfire and play cards? Normal cards might be a hindrance to play in the dark, but these glow in the dark cards?

They will work perfectly in such situations. Buy your nature loving friend a deck of glow in the dark cards and make their camping trips even more enjoyable.

16. Nature Calendar


A small gift to bring those nature vibes into the house or the office. Buy your nature lover friend nature calendars that showcases beautiful nature views every new month. Let them be bit closer to the nature even if they can’t always go out to enjoy it. A really good gift for nature lovers.

17. Hammock


Hammocks are another great gift on this list of good gifts for nature lovers. Hammocks might be a bit tricky to hang up, but once you have gotten it set up properly in front of a gorgeous scenery, I can guarantee you will never want to get off.

Who wouldn’t want to feel that great? Buy a hammock for your nature loving friend and let them enjoy nature in style.

18. Water Filtration Straw


A very useful gift for those nature lovers who take on the wilderness in a daily basis. A hydration straw can actually decide between life and death out in the wilderness. Staying for a long time out in the wild means you can’t carry all the water with you and boiling might not always be the option.

A hydration straw would be the perfect gift for situations like these where your mature lover friend can drink without worrying about bacteria.

19. Hand Warmer Set


Another useful gift idea for those nature enthusiasts out there. No matter what they like doing, let it be hiking, biking, camping or climbing, these hand warmers would play a very important part in keeping them warm in the biting cold of the wilderness. Buy a packet and help your nature loving friend from getting frostbite.

20. Picnic Backpack


Picnic backpacks are really useful when someone loves to go on a picnic every other weekend. Carrying a basket is traditional but it can messy in the car ride, you never know. A perfect solution is a picnic backpack.

It lets you organize everything is the perfect place and helps you carry everything in one go. No hassle at all. Buy this awesome gift for your nature loving friend and make their life easier.

21. Lightweight Mess Kit


This lightweight mess kit is absolutely perfect for those nature lovers who likes to camp out for a few days. This kit helps you cook basically anything and is very easy to organize too. Buy your camp loving friend a lightweight mess kit so that it’s easy enough to carry around in the backpack and they can enjoy solid meals even while camping.

22. Campfire Safety Cover


Campfire safety covers are useful things to have if you camp in a place where it can rain anytime. These covers not only keep the fire safe from the weather, it also keeps the warmth in a controlled area. This would be a brilliant gift for nature lovers and will definitely make them appreciate you more.

23. Portable Campfire


These portable campfires are a great way to lessen the hassle of actual campfire and will feel just as authentic. You can carry in anywhere, enjoy the warmth of the fire wherever you want. Buy this compact campfire for your nature loving friend and just make them happy.

24. Pocket-Sized Travel Blanket


This is actually a very useful thing to have, it saves tremendous amount of space as well as gives you warmth just as any other blanket. Perfect for wrapping around yourself if you feel a bit chilly while out in the beach or the forest or mountains. Anywhere really. Buy your friend this nice gift and make their pack a lot easier to carry.

25. Sleeping Bag


One of the most essential gift on our list of gifts for nature lovers in a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag lets you sleep basically anywhere and keeps you warm and comfortable even on rock hard land. Get your friend a sleeping bag to help them sleep better while they go camping and enjoy nature comfortably.

26. Telescoping Roasting Kit


You can’t not roast food when you go camping and build a campfire. It’s a combination of tradition and tasty food. But most of the time we have the tendency to burn the food and other times it cooks on side and not the other.

Telescoping roasting kit would definitely solve that problem. Buy this for your friend’s next camping trip and let them roast properly.

27. Compass


A very important tool to have while going hiking, biking or camping in unknown places is a compass. Compasses will help you know where you are and find out where to go without having to rely on other people. Make sure your friend doesn’t get lost in any trail by gifting them a reliable compass.

28. Fire Pit


A perfect gift for those nature loving friends who have a backyard. Fire pits will give them the feeling of camping even when they are inside their home and can’t go out camping for whatever reason. Get your friend a fire pit to help them feel closer to nature even when they are not. They will appreciate it for sure.

29. Waterproof Backpack


A waterproof backpack is a really good thing to have while going on activities in the wild. Especially if your nature loving friend lives in an area where it rains frequently. No matter if they go hiking or rock climbing, even if they go camping.

Having a waterproof backpack is going to be a great help in keeping essentials dry. So, buy your friend a waterproof backpack and help make their experiences easier.

30. Cooler


A cooler is another one of important gifts for nature lovers. It helps keep the food from getting spoiled and simultaneously keeps the drinks cold to enjoy by the campfire. They are easy to carry too. So, without further ado, buy your friend a cooler as a gift this holiday and make their camping trips all the more exciting.

31. LED Light Rope


This is a very nice novelty gift on our list that can also be very useful while camping. LED light ropes are really pretty but extremely useful for campsites. They are powerful enough to lighten up a large area and looks beautiful at the same time.

Just tie a string over your tent and you get perfect lighting or your campsite. Get a string for your nature loving friend and help them keep the darkness at bay.

32. Solar Charger


One of the most important gifts for nature lovers is a solar charger. Staying out camping for several days means you are typically out of the reach of networks. The point of camping is to enjoy the nature away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

But keeping your phone charged is also very important in case of any emergencies, because there can be all kinds of accidents in the wild. A solar charger will solve that problem for your friend and keep them available in case of emergencies.

33. Portable Camping Stove


At the end of this list, we have a portable camping stove for you. This will be a good thing to have for long time campers. You can only rely on canned food for so many days and cooking in the campfire daily just doesn’t cut it, a stove would be great to cook solid foods.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you think it will be the perfect gift for your nature loving friend? Then just buy one for them and make sure they eat healthy while camping.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is entirely up to you what you want to buy for your nature lover friend. You know them best, so you would know what kind of gift would be better suited for them.

Pick something that resonates with them and their preferences. Show them how much you care by buying a thoughtful gift. Buying gifts for nature lovers seems pretty easy now, doesn’t it?

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