37 Great Gifts for Climbers That’ll Make Their Climbing Rock

Not everyone is a climber and not everyone understands them. But climbing is a hobby that requires determination and a strong will. People do climbing as an exercise regime, they sometimes do it for recreation, other times for competition and also just for fun. People do climbing both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor one’s are manmade and generally used for practice, before they go out to climb actual mountains. You might be thinking what’s so great about climbing. Well let me tell you. Did you know that climbing has been chosen for an Olympic sport for the 2021 Olympics Games?

There are many activities that revolves around climbing, I won’t go into it though, no worries, because you’re not here to learn about climbing. You are here to get some idea as to what to get your buddy who is a climber.

And this article is created just for that purpose, to help you navigate through the climbing gears and let you decide what should be the perfect gift for your climber friend.

What to Get Gifts for Climbers?

Climbing is an intricate sport that requires the climber to be always on alert, always be steady and most importantly, always keep their cool, because if they start to get nervous they won’t be able to climb properly and might get into an accident. And we do not want that happening.

There are many safety measurements taken before someone can actually go climbing mountains. There are many gears and gadgets used to help improve the safety and quality of the climb. You don’t need to know all about them if you don’t want to, but you can find some great gifts in the form of gadgets and gears that’s for sure.

There are other generic gifts you can get for your climber friend too if you want to go into that direction. For that reason, we have comprised a list for you to make it easier finding a gift for that climber friend. Simply browse and you will find the perfect gift in no time.

1. Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are an absolute must have for a climber. You might be thinking normal shoes are used for climbing as well, but they are not. No matter what kind of a climber your friend is, climbing shoes and essential part of their life. Climbing shoes affect how you climb and it determines how you actually perform on the rock.

So, get your climber friend a perfect pair of climbing shoes that are a right fit for them and make sure they are safe while they are climbing. A great gift as well as mental peace knowing your climber friend might be a bit safer out there.

2. Climbing Harness

Climbing Harness

Climbing harness is another essential equipment for climbers everywhere. The harness helps with keeping to rope in line and secures the climber to the rope. This is in case they slip, they are still tied to the rope, and they won’t fall down. The rope is generally tied to an anchor point at one end and the other end is tied to the climber through the climbing harness.

Now that you understand the importance of a climbing harness, what are you waiting for? Get your climber friend a brand new set of harness as a gift and show them your support.

3. Solar Charger

Solar Charger

While doing actual outdoor climbing, people can go out to the mountains and camp there for days. They get ready for the climb as well as do practice on various climbing techniques out there. But the problem with camping in remote areas is that there is no electricity available and in this day and age, electricity is needed for almost everything.

Especially when someone needs to charge their phones, phones are an absolute necessary thing to have in case of emergency. Solar chargers are great in these kinds of situation. They not only help you charge on the go but also doesn’t need electricity.

An essential element for climbers without a doubt. So, if you are having doubts as to what to get your climber friend, get a solar charger for their phones.

4. Helmet


It is always a good thing to be cautious while doing a climb. Wearing a helmet is part of that. Climbing can lead up to many dangers and while climbing on a real mountain, you never know when a loose rock might fall from above. So, it is always better to wear a helmet for protecting the head.

If you are always worried about your climber friend, now might be an opportunity to lessen that worry. You can play an active part in it and gift them a pair of helmets to protect themselves.

5. Climbing Magazine Subscription

It is in no way necessary to give your climber friend climbing gears as a gift. You can get them normal gifts too, just make sure they are related to climbing, that would make them immensely happy. If your friend is an avid climber, they definitely read climbing magazines.

Get them a subscription for their favourite magazine so they get them every month and let them enjoy. They will definitely appreciate you more for such a thoughtful gift.

6. Water Flask

Water Flask

While doing a climb, you should always keep your focus on in climbing and never get distracted. But that doesn’t mean you can forget to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated on a climb is absolutely necessary because climbing will make you sweat and it can lead to dehydration, that will, in turn make you lose focus and even slip.

So, remind your climber friend to stay hydrated by gifting them climbing suitable water flasks.

7. Climbing Books

There are many great books out there on climbing, people’s adventures about climbing the hardest mountains, their hardships throughout the journey, the struggles and eventual success. And if your climber friend is in need of some motivation, get them one of these books on climbing and let them read about other climbers who succeeded.

It will give them the motivation to start climbing again for sure. Books written on climbing are going to be a great gift your climber friend.

8. Climbing Salve

Climbing is done bare handed, did you know that? That’s because bare hand can get grips better through the nooks and crannies of the rock formation at the side of the mountains. By doing do though, hand can get pretty messed up. They get cuts and abrasions and scrapes and blown tips, etc. climbing salves are used to treat all sorts of problem with the hand.

They are multipurpose salves used to treat all hand wounds you might receive while climbing. A great protection against the harsh environment. Gift this to your climber friend to make sure they get proper and immediate treatment for their hand in case of emergency.

9. Finger Strengthener

Finger Strengthener

You might not know about this if you are not into climbing, but climbers go through extensive training before they can ever go out to climb actual mountains. One of those practices include grip practice. Because climbers have to use their fingers to grab hold of the mountain side and pull their body up and also hold onto to mountain side too.

Finger strengtheners are used to help the climbers practice grip and build up their strength. You can definitely get one for your climber friend as a gift to help them improve their grip.

10. Solar Lantern

The problem with torches are the batteries run out. While out in the wilderness, if you don’t have a spare set of batteries, you’re doomed to stay in the dark. A solar lantern definitely solves that problem. It can charge throughout the day and supply light throughout the night.

Make sure your climber friend does not get lost in the dark and get them a good solar lantern. It’s definitely a thoughtful gift for your climber friend.

11. Espresso Maker

Espresso Maker

Is your friend a coffee junkie as well as a climber? Then they might face the problem of not having their regular dose of coffee while out camping for a long climbing session. A handheld espresso maker is the perfect solution for that.

Get your climber friend a new and easy espresso machine as a gift to keep his caffeine supply steady.

12. Climbing Chalk

Climbing Chalk

Climbing chalk is something that is used to keep the hands from getting moist with sweats. Climbing mountains is a strenuous work, it causes the climber to sweat even in cold weather. But if your hand sweats while climbing, you can easily lose your grip on the rocks and risk slipping.

Climbing chalk is used to prevent this kind of situation. This powdered substance sucks up the sweats and keeps the hand dry for better grip. Another great and affordable gift for climber friend, they can never have too much of it.

13. Acupuncture Massage Rings

Acupuncture Massage Rings

As you already know, climbing is a very strenuous exercise regime. Hands are the most affected part of your body while you climb, because you have to pull up your body with the strength of your fingers alone most of the time, you have to hold up your body until you can get proper footing.

Fingers can get very sore because of this, to relieve the stress from climbers fingers they use various massagers. Acupuncture massage rings are such kind of massager that you can easily carry with you and use anytime you want to get instant relief. If your friend climbs on a regular basis this gift would surely help them a lot.

14. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

A climber has to take ample amount of break time between climbs. Otherwise they face the danger of being tired and sore in the next climb and risk falling. But out in the wilderness, there is not much to do in those breaks.

If your climber friend falls under this category, then one way you can help them is by giving them a Bluetooth speaker. It’s compact in size, easy to carry and can be used anywhere. A great way to spend time while on break and simultaneously a great gift idea too.

15. Camp Chair

Camp Chair

Camp chairs are another affordable and yet practical gift for a climber. They can be folded up and carried easily, a great way to rest your feet on the go too. If your climber friend spends time camping while doing a climb, then a camping chair is going to be a great gift for them.

After completing a climb, it can help them relax and enjoy the view from the top of the mountain. It even sounds great doesn’t it? So, don’t wait anymore and get your climber friend this gift and make them happy.

16. Assisted Braking Belay Device

Assisted Braking Belay Device

Now, you might have no idea what an assisted braking belay device is, but it is a very important safety device, very. To know about this, you need to know about belaying first. Belaying is when one person does the climb and a partner keeps an end of the rope tied to them.

So in case of a fall, they can slow down the fall by belaying. The assisted braking belay device helps elevate the process of belaying. If the device senses a sudden fall, it locks on the rope and makes sure the climber doesn’t fall. After that the belayer can slowly let them down to the ground.

You probably already have an idea as of how important this device is, so, without waiting get this as a gift for your climber friend and ensure their safety.

17. Soap Pack

Soap Pack

Climbing can make you grimy pretty easily. Staying outdoors and climbing up rock walls of a mountain means the climber would definitely get dirty fast. And the facilities are not up to par on the wilderness are they? So, a pack of soaps might be very handy in these situations.

They can carry soaps easily and wash up without much effort. Get your climber friend a pack of soaps for their next climb and remind them to stay clean.

18. Climbing Shirt

Climbing Shirt

Another gift on the list that is not necessarily needed for climbing. A climbing shirt might be a cool gift for your friend. With anecdotes that shows they are a climber. Your climber friend would absolutely love it tremendously and wear it proudly everywhere they go.

Get an awesome looking climbing shirt as a gift for your friend and watch them show off.

19. Climbing Chalk Bag

Climbing Chalk Bag

Chalk bags are another thing a climber has tied to their hips. You already know how chalks are used, well now you will know about chalk bags. They are connected to the climber’s hip and carries the chalk and it has an open mouth so that the chalk is easily accessible.

Get your climber friend a sturdy chalk bag to carry and help them be safe out there.

20. Climbing Gym Pass/Class

Climbing Gym Pass/Class

Climbing gyms are used to practice climbing in manmade simulations to get the hang of climbing before actually going out into the mountains to climb. There are various climbing gyms and classes that offer proper training for climber enthusiasts.

You can get your friend a gym pass or enrol them in a climbing class to help them hone their climbing skill even more.

21. Stretchy Pants

Stretchy pants are another necessary item to have while climbing. They are flexible pants that doesn’t hinder leg movement in a climb. Restricted and fitted pants are a nightmare in climbs because they will hinder your leg to move and ned freely and you won’t be able to find proper footing without free movement.

Stretchy pants come in handy in those cases, they bend with your leg and help keep the balance. Get a pair of good stretchy pants for your climber friend and help them have a safe climb.

22. Nut Tools

There are varieties of nut out there, but they all serve the same purpose, that is to remove nuts from the rock formation. Nuts are placed in cracks of the rock formation to get a grip in the otherwise flat wall. But you can’t generally leave a nut in after climbing a part, which is where nut tools are used.

They help remove the nut from the crack so you don’t have to worry about leaving them there. A nit tool with a solid grip is going to be a perfect gift for your climber friend.

23. Anchor Gear

Anchors are devices that are attached to the rock permanently. They can be used to connect ropes and are for safety measures. This device makes the climb a tad easier and gives ample protection. It is also great for balance. So, do a bit of asking around and see if your climber friend needs anchor gear.

If they do need one, just get them this as a gift and ensure their safety.

24. Climbing Brush

Climbing brush is a very useful tool to have while climbing. Rock cracks always have debris and dirt in them accumulated over time. They can cause trouble for the climbers in getting proper grip. So, a climbing brush is used to get the dirt and debris out of the way and get a secure grip.

This is very affordable and also useful gift for your climber friend, and they will definitely appreciate it.

25. Climbing Tape

Climbing tape, also known as finger tape is actually used to protect the skin from damage. This is not like normal tape, but it creates a layer around the skin of your fingers so they don’t tear in the rough surface of the rocks. It is a great thing to have during longer climbs and it’s small too, so it will be pretty easy to carry.

Get a climbing tape for your friend and they will have a better, cut free climbing experience.

26. Crash Pad

Crash Pad

Crash pads are mainly used for bouldering. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that involves the climber to climb up a boulder, wither to practice for harder climbs or as a sport on its own. Bouldering is usually for short heights and takes a lot of techniques to master the sport. So, while doing so, climbers use crash pads as a means to cushion their fall.

It only works on short height falls though, you have to keep that in mind. If your friend is someone who does a lot of bouldering or if you know that they are thinking of starting bouldering, then giving them a crash pad would be the perfect idea of a gift.

27. Climbing Rope

Climbing Rope

I mean, what is a climb without ropes, right? There are many people who do freestyle climbing, in fact some even prefer it. But during steep and long climbs, ropes are a must. And you cannot just pick out any regular old rope and call it a day either. Climbing ropes are different, they are woven more tightly, they are more flexible and more durable.

They support an entire human being, so they have to be stronger than any regular rope. Having a spare roll of climbing rope has never hurt anyone. So, this year, get your climber friend a good set of ropes to help with their climbing.

28. Quick Draw


Quickdraw is an equipment that is used to make sure the rope runs smoothly from the anchor point to you. It is used for protection. Quickdraws helps with keeping the rope straight that helps in following the desired path. By doing so, it reduces the friction of the rope and creates the opportunity for more fluid movement while climbing.

This will be a great gift for a climber, but keep in mind to get them a good quality one.

29. Finger File

Finger File

Finger files are used to make sure the callouses the climbers get during their climbing doesn’t get too thick and start flaking. This is the reason climbers keep a set if finger files with them to make sure the skin doesn’t get too thick and starts getting peeled off. A set of finger files would be a small yet sweet gift for a climber for sure.

30. Backpacks


You cannot do a climb without a pack with you. Packs are used to carry all your essential needs for a climb. But you can’t just use any old backpacks you have lying around. Climbing backpacks are made specially for climbs. So that they don’t weigh you down and can still fit all your essentials easily.

Get your climber friend a sturdy climbing backpack so that they can get all their essentials with them while going climbing.

31. Climbing Camera

Climbing Camera

A climbing camera is actually cool gadget to have. It can be used to capture all the precious moments you are experiencing while actually doing the climb and you can share them with everyone later. You can share the awe you felt during that moment and make everyone see why you love doing climbing.

If your friend is such a climber who loves to take mementos of their climb for keepsake, then a climbing camera would be a brilliant gift for them.

32. Jacket


You can never be sure what the weather would be like up on the mountains. So, it is always prudent to have a versatile jacket on you while doing a longer climb. A jacket that won’t make you feel hot yet protect you from the wind if it is cold. Climbing jackets are made with keeping that in mind specifically.

On top of that they are pretty cool and sleek looking too. So, what are you waiting for? Is this not a great gift for your climber friend? Get it for them and they’re going to love you all the more.

33. Climbing Caps

Climbing Caps

A practical gift for a climber. A cap is a very affordable gift as well as will be protecting the climber from sun glare while climbing. They can even wear it anywhere they want and show off that they are a climber. It’s a win-win situation because it will be an easy gift for you but it will also be equally appreciated like any other gift.

34. Climbing Movies

There are some great climbing movies out there that every climber should most definitely watch. It will give them great motivation as well as inspiration. Moreover, a climber would just be enjoying masterpieces like these movies. So, get a few brilliant movies about climbing for your climber friend and let them enjoy. They will love this gift.

35. Forearm Trainer

Forearm Trainer

Just life finger training, forearm training is also very important. Forearms play a great role in making sure the climbers grip is tight enough to hold onto the rock. For this reason, many people go through forearm training too before doing climbs to train the muscles to have tighter grips.

Forearm trainers would be a great gift for a climber for this reason.

36. Balance Board

Balance Board

Every climber can use a little more balance then they generally have. Having better balance helps improve the climber’s performance and also helps them to avoid any fatal injuries. Balance boards are a great way to improve balance. They are also known as wobble boards if you have trouble finding them.

Balance is an important element in climbing to have a better experience. So in this occasion, get your climber friend a balance board and help them with their climbing experience.

37. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

The final gift on this list is gift cards. If you can’t yet choose a gift from this article, you can just get them a bunch of gif cards from merchandise or climbing stores and let them pick a gift for themselves. You can even get gift cards for actual climbing too. That’s your choice.

But a gift card is a n easy gift and without having to deal with the hassle of actually picking out a gift and worrying about if they would like it or not. So, pick a few good gift cards for your climber friend and have a great day.

In the end, get to know your climber friend more and ask them more about climbing. You will definitely get a clearer picture as to what they like and don’t like. What their style is and what gift is more suitable for them specifically. With that idea in mind you can easily get the perfect gift for your climber friend.

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