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40 Best Gifts for Anime Lovers with What You Can Surprise Them

We all have that one friend who is in to anime, who calls themselves an otaku. They would take every single opportunity to talk about anime. So, if an occasion is coming up, say their birthday, or maybe it’s just Christmas, you know you have to get them a gift relating to anime.

But the problem is, if you don’t know anything about anime, you won’t be able to get the perfect present. You can’t just pick something up that is related to anime randomly and call it a day.

You have to at first know, if it is in fact a good gift for an anime lover. Here, we have created a list of best gifts to give to an anime lover to help you get the perfect gift for your weeb friend.

Best Gifts for Anime Lovers to Surprise Them

1. Anime Plushier

If you know anything about anime, you know how cute anime characters generally are. Transform that cuteness into a plush and you’ve got the cuteness overloaded. They come in separate pieces and in sets too. Get a few and your otaku friend would be over the moon. But do make sure that they don’t already have that plush.

If you don’t know what a plush is, this’ll clear it up. Plushies are basically very soft and fluffy stuffed toys. When various anime characters are turned into plushies, they become very cute. Even the creepy monsters will turn into a cute and cuddly toy. So, what else can be a better gift for an anime lover?

2. Death Note Notebook

Everyone in the anime community knows about Death Note. Heck, even people not in the anime community knows about Death Note. So, it is only fair that a notebook from Death Note is suitable as a gift for anime lovers.

This notebook is lives up to its namesake. In the anime, when you write someone’s name in the notebook titled Death Note, that person dies. That’s the general gist. So, how cool would this gift be for an otaku? But would you dare to give it? That’s the main question.

3. Anime Funko Pops

Funko pops are small figurines with big heads. Whereas figurines can be of various shapes and sizes, funko pops has a single size for all the characters. These pops became popular recently and has spread over all sorts of cultures, and anime is one of them.

Funko pops are extremely cute, and if your friend is an otaku, they might already have a collection. Why don’t you help out and add a bit more to that? Funko pops would be the perfect gift for an anime lover.

 4. Anime Action Figures

With the improvement of modern technology, action figures have taken a turn for betterment too. It’s nothing like the olden days, when the action figures barely resembled the actual characters.

These days’ action figures look like the actual characters down to the last detail. These anime personified action figures would be the perfect gift for your otaku friend.

5. Hayao Miyazaki Movies

Anyone who is an anime fan but doesn’t know Hayao Miyazaki, is a disgrace in other fans book. And rightfully so. Miyazaki has created such beautiful movies under studio Ghibli that everyone falls in love them.

No one can ever deny the beauty and depth of a Miyazaki film. And if your friend is an anime lover, they would absolutely love you for gifting them a Miyazaki movie set.

6. Anime Cosplay

Most anime fans are also cosplayers. Did you know that? Well if your friend is an otaku you definitely knew that. Anime lovers like to dress up as their favourite anime characters, that’s a fact. Give your friend an anime costume to help them cosplay even more. They would keep appreciating you forever.

7. Ghibli Accessories

You already know about Hayao Miyazaki, so now let’s talk about studio Ghibli. Ghibli is the studio that publishes these amazing Miyazaki movies. If you know your friend is a Ghibli fan, get them something relating to Ghibli movies. Ghibli has various sorts of merchandise and you’d find the best gift for your anime lover friend.

8. Tickets to Anime Conventions

To any anime lover, a ticket to an anime convention is like a dream come true. Trust me on this. If your friend is an otaku, going to a convention is equivalent to a kid in Disneyland, sometimes even more important than that.

Anime lovers from all over the world comes together in big anime conventions, there are unique merchandise, many many cosplayer and a ton of new people to meet.

There are interviews and shows and new trailers and what not. Just know that a ticket to an anime convention would be the best gift for an otaku.

9. Anime DVD Boxset

What can be better than a boxed set of anime collection for an anime lover? Not much I can tell you that. Get a clue as to what their favourite anime is, as I’m sure there are many, and get a boxed set of one them, and viola, you have the perfect gift.

10. Anime Jackets

Does your friend wear a lot of hoodies and are they also into anime? Then just get into a merch shop and get some cool anime hoodies for them. You can even get a jacket if that’s more their style. Believe me when I say they would wear that hoodie for a decade.

11. Manga

Many anime watchers are also very interested in mangas. Some even read manga because they are just impatient and needs to know what happens next. To those who doesn’t know what a manga is, here is the deet. Mangas are the origins for most animes.

Manga writers are the ones who write it first, then it is turned into an anime. So if one is curious about what happens in the anime later on, they can just read the manga. So, get your otaku friend a series of manga collection and make them happy.

12. Subscriptions to Anime Streaming Sites

You know your friend watches anime. Watching anime is costly though. Just like watching anything these days, if you want to watch an anime, you have to pay for it. There are various streaming sites available for an anime lover to choose from.

As a great friend why don’t you buy them a few months of subscription from an anime streaming site. It would be one of the best gift for an anime lover.

13. Anime Pins

Get some cute as heck anime pins for you otaku friend. They are cost friendly and easy to come by. But nonetheless special to your friend. They would know that you care about them enough to remember they love anime, and got something related to that for them. Get them a bunch of pins as gifts and see their happiness shine through.

14. Anime Jewellery

If your friend is into jewellery, then you don’t need to look any further then here. Just get them a cute anime earring or a pendant. Some rings would be nice too. It’s really the simplest of things that can make someone extremely happy. Get a piece of gorgeous anime jewellery as a gift for an anime lover and make them ecstatic.

15. Anime Posters

Any anime lover would love to get their hands on a cool anime poster. Anime posters are always on demand, and some rare pieces can get very expensive too. So, be on the lookout for a cool poster and gift it to your anime lover friend.

16. Ghibli Art

Any Ghibli fan would absolutely love to have Ghibli art in their collection. They would cherish it forever, without a single doubt. You can even hire an artist to get a gorgeous painting. You would make your anime lover friend very happy as well as give an artist an opportunity.

17. Anime Paintings

It’s the same as any paintings, but with anime. Have you noticed how your friend can get stuck on an anime scene for ages, maybe they watch it on a loop? That’s when you know how much they love that scene. And what is a better gift for them then a painting of that scene? Nothing would be a better gift for that anime lover friend of yours.

18. Anime Legos

I know it might sound childish, you might think only kids play with Legos. But you are wrong my friend. Legos are collectibles too. There are some very cool anime Lego collectible out there. And if you can get some for your anime lover friend, you will be an instant winner.

19. Anime Board Games

Anime board games are just like it sounds. Get a cool anime board game for your nerdy friend and they would play with every weekend if they can. I don’t even have to tell you about holidays, because you know they would be all over it playing all day long with friends and family.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a great anime board game for your anime loving friend.

20. Japanese Snacks

Every anime lover out there has an intense curiosity about japan. As they typically should. Get them a bunch of anime food and just wait to see their reaction. They would be beyond ecstatic over this. Japanese snacks are actually vastly different from normal snacks available to you.

So, you can try them for yourself too, although I doubt your friend would let you have some of those precious snacks, even though you are the one who bought it.

21. Anime Notebooks

Anime always shows such beautiful scenes that you can’t get your eyes away. Imagine having that as a cover of a notebook. How gorgeous would that look? And how happy would your anime loving friend be after having that?

Can you guess? Yeah you got it. They would be over the moon with such a cool notebook. So, without waiting, get them this gift for your anime lover friend.

22. Anime Headphones

Did you know there are anime headphones too? If your friend is a gamer, or they simply listen to music a lot, this would the perfect gift for them. It would suit them both as a gamer and an otaku. How perfect would that be? Get your Anime loving friend a brand new pair of headphones and make their day better.

23. Anime Video Games

Do you have a gamer friend who is also into anime? Then anime video games would be the perfect gift for them. Trust me on this. Go into a gaming store and get a bunch of anime video games. It’s affordable and easy to get. It will also make your anime loving friend extremely happy.

24. Anime Mugs

Is your friend someone who can’t function without coffee? Or are they more into tea? Well either way, get them a pair of cool mugs with anime designs and viola, you have a happy customer. Anime mugs are one of the best gifts for your anime lover friend, who can use it on a daily basis and remember you fondly every time they drink from it.

25. Anime Lamps

Have you ever imagined how cool it would be to have a featured anime lamp by your beside? Well maybe you haven’t. But an anime lover definitely has. And even if they have not, give them a surprise with an awesome feature anime lamp. They would love you forever. Don’t you think a feature lamp would be a perfect gift for an anime lover?

26. Anime Shoes

Custom anime shoes? Who wouldn’t love that? Your anime lover friend would be crying with happiness if you give them a pair of custom made anime shows. What else is there to look for? Both your friend and you would be perfectly content after giving and receiving such a gorgeous gift.

27. Anime Bed Covers

It’s really no wonder that after so much products there would be bed covers involved. and why wouldn’t there be? What anime lover wouldn’t like to have their favourite anime characters sprawled across the bedsheets as they sleep? So, don’t wait anymore. Just go and get your otaku friend a cool looking anime bed cover.

28. Anime Waifu Pillows

Most anime lovers have a waifu. Did you know? They get enamoured with an anime characters and makes them their fictional anime wife. Sounds silly? Well don’t say that to your anime lover friend.

So, the reason for telling you this is that there are pillows with the waifus printed on them that your anime loving friend would absolutely love to cuddle with. So, get them this perfect otaku gift and make them happy.

29. Anime Clothing

Who doesn’t like to be dressed as their favourite anime character? It’s not always about costumes you know? There are plenty of anime characters out there who wears absolutely normal clothes.

And you can get them from various places. Find out what your friend likes and get them an outfit from an anime character. They would cherish it forever I can assure you of that.

30. Anime Kitchen Accessories

Let’s assume your friend is an anime lover but also likes to cook a lot. What do you get them then? Well, get them anime themed kitchen accessories. Maybe a pair of oven mitts, or a kawaii looking apron, or maybe even just some placemats. It would the perfect gift for an anime lover cook.

31. Anime Phone Accessories

Get some cute phone accessories with the anime theme for your otaku friend who is always on their phone. Though to be honest who isn’t always on their phones these days?

A few cute accessories to decorate the phone would be really awesome though. May it be cool stickers or a handle, anything cool would be just fine. And your anime lover friend would be absolutely delighted by this gift.

32. Anime Beauty Products

Who doesn’t wear makeup these days? Well if your friend is into makeup you can definitely get them some cool feature makeup packs. They are very trendy these days, and would make your friend all the more cool to have a featured anime makeup kit. It’d be the perfect gift for your otaku friend.

33. Anime Home Decorations

Home decors are tricky things to choose as a gift. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to decorating their homes. But you will not be facing that problem with an anime lover, no sir. You know anime lovers would have their home filled with anime decors. So you just go and buy them some more to add to the collection.

34. Anime Backpacks

Backpacks are one of the daily essential item we use. To go to school or even work, we always carry a backpack on our shoulders. Now, you can get an anime featured backpack for your friend to carry around their shoulders. Anime backpacks look beyond cool and your friend would also be beyond happy.

35. Manga Colouring Books

Colouring books are always so soothing. Why do you think that is? I personally think it reminds us of our childhood days, when we were carefree and happy. Manga colouring books are first of all gorgeous and second of all really soothing to work on. So get a colouring book as a gift for your manga loving friend pronto.

36. Anime Wall Decals

Some people are really into wall decals. Is your friend one of them? And are they also an anime fan? Well, they must be or you wouldn’t be here looking for a gift idea for them. Well look no further. Anime wall decors are very popular and a great thing to gift an anime lover.

37. Ramen Bowls

Every single anime lover has heard of the Naruto ramen bowl at least once in their lifetime. Naruto ramen bowl is so famous that they made replica copies of it and they have been sold worldwide. So why not get one for your anime lover friend too? It’s truly the best gift for an anime lover.

38. Anime Phone Covers

Custom made phone cases are all in the rage these days. And for an anime lover, this opens up a lot of possibilities. Can you imagine the sheer number of artistic anime ideas one can come up with for a custom made phone case?

Well you don’t have to, because people have already made them. You just have to go ahead and buy them for your otaku friend.

39. Kawaii Tee-shirts

The word kawaii and anime are basically correlated. Kawaii is generally the reference of something extremely cute. Kawaii is meant for too cute to handle. And a lot of the time a lot of the anime characters are also kawaii.

So why not get a kawaii tee shirt for your kawaii otaku friend. Just a thought, but your friend would love it. It’ll be a perfect gift for an anime lover.

40. Anime Puzzles

Who doesn’t love working on puzzles? After a long day of tiring work, all you want to do is get your mind to relax and calm down. Doing puzzles are a great way to relax, to make your mind more organized after a chaotic day. So, if your friend is an otaku, but also is always stressed, get them a puzzle set and see them thrive.

Anime has become a part of our society these days. People watches anime as much as some watches a normal television show. So it won’t be a shock to anyone when more and more people gets into the anime culture.

And when that happens you better be prepared to stand by them and just be supportive. And when an occasion comes up just show them you care with an anime themed gift. An anime gift for an anime loving friend. 

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