47 Best Gifts for Boaters They’ll Actually Love

If you have sailors among your family or friends, you will know how crazy these people are about their hobbies. For these boaters, what would be a better gift than sailing related gifts?

But now you may be wondering which sailor type gift you should choose? If you do not have much experience with sailing itself, this task may be difficult.

But do not worry my friend, here I have is an article for you filled with brilliant list of best gift for boaters that related with sailing, and your boater enthusiast friend would be thrilled to have.

I hereby present to you this inspirational list of ideas featuring best gifts for boaters. It doesn’t matter if your friend is a wannabe sailor or an experienced one, maybe they have just started sailing, this article has gift ideas for all of them.

Trust me when I say, all the products listed underneath will make your boater friend very happy and they would appreciate you even more. Let’s see if we can get you the perfect boating gift for your sailor friend.

What Would be a Better Gift for this Particular Boater?

While looking for a gift, this is something you need to ask yourself first. There are many kinds of boaters out there. You need to figure out what kind of a boater your friend is at first. What kind of a sailor are they?

Do they sail only on warmer climates? Then maybe don’t give them cold weather wear such as woollen socks or thermal jacket.

Are they into sailing but don’t like to be an active crew member? Maybe they just don’t feel comfortable in the role of a crew, and they just want to relac. Then get them something fun and relaxing, like a board game or a book, instead of let’s say a sailing knife.

In any case, simply trust your instincts, because in at the end of the day, you are the one who knows this better. And they would definitely appreciate your gift.

Best Gifts for Boaters with Different Categories

Clothing Gifts for Boaters

1. Sailing Gloves

Sailing Gloves

For boaters who like to be active crew members and do any kind of deck works, sailing gloves are a perfect gift. When steering the steering wheel, lifting the sails or maintaining the deck, even in bad weather conditions, the correct sailing gloves can keep your hands warm.

2. Sailing Shoes

sailing shoes

When the weather starts to affect the crew, the sailors like to show an elegant and stylish appearance, just like on the old marine postcards. Traditional leather sailing boots are one of the best fashions and are also very practical.

3. Warm Socks

Warm Socks

When paired with rubber boots, always wear thick warm socks. Preferably, two or three pairs at a time. As I said before, in difficult and stormy sailing, warm feet can maintain a noble morality. If you want to buy a pair as a gift for sailors, please pay attention to the materials.

Sometimes, socks may look warm, but if they are mainly made of synthetic materials such as polyester, it will only cause the feet to sweat. Therefore, look for materials that are naturally warm, such as merino wool. It guarantees warm comfort.

4. Sailing Jacket

best gifts for boaters

For sailors, another basic wardrobe element is a high-quality sailing jacket. Usually, this is the first large investment in this hobby. In general, we can distinguish sailing jackets by waterproofing:

One that keeps the sailor’s body dry in light rain, and occasionally splash time at sea is shorter; and another one that Keeps your body dry in harsh weather conditions, such as continuous rain and regular splashing for everyday occasional sailing, a lightweight waterproof jacket will be the perfect choice.

5. Rubber Sailing Boots

Rubber Sailing Boots

High-strength rubber boots are life-saving during heavy rain and cold weather of the sea. They help keep the sailor’s feet dry while on duty on deck. Every boater knows that there is nothing worse than wet and cold socks.

When buying rubber boots as a sailing gift, please pay attention to the sole, it should have good adhesion to ensure balance when walking on the wet deck.

6. Thermal Underwear

Thermal Underwear

You should not underestimate the significance of thermal underwear as a practical gift for your boater friend. People sailing in non-tropical climates will definitely enjoy this significantly.

Also, look for durable materials with proven efficiency. Merino wool is great for keeping your body warm. Comfortable and practical underwear is an essential equipment for every sailor.

Packaging Gifts for Boaters

7. Compression Packing Cubes

Compression Packing Cubes

Packing luggage for navigation is a difficult task that requires a high degree of organization. You can help your sailor friend do this by helping with his compressed packaging cube.

After filling such a cube with clothes, zip it once to close it. Then remove it with a zipper a second time to remove all unnecessary air and make the package as thin as possible.

This simple technique helps to pack all the required clothing layers in bags of any size.

8. Laundry Wash Bag

Laundry wash bag

After a few days of sailing, there is nothing better than being smelly. On long journeys, sailors have limited opportunities to wash clothes.

Especially when they are sailing in areas where less popular terminal infrastructures are not yet available. In this case, a wash bag is a perfect solution.

These are pocket-sized portable laundry bag, and they are a life-saving item for washing clothes on the go. Just put the dirty clothes in, add some water and washing powder, then close and scrub.

Perfect help for the inoperable washing machine.

9. Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof Backpack

The right backpack is one of the most important parts of a sailor’s equipment. Due to the lack of space on yachts, they should be flexible enough to be stored in a small cabin. When choosing a backpack as a boating gift, please pay attention to the particularity of the boat.

The backpack should be waterproof, without a fixed shelf, and equipped with a practical pocket to easily organize internal items. The washing machine cannot be used to wash this though.

10. Dry Bag

Dry Bag

Instead of professional sailing backpacks, large dry bags may be a cheaper option. But it is more suitable for short voyages. Although, small dry bags are ideal for storing smaller items such as electronics and documents.

Compared with standard backpacks, smartphones, cameras, passports and wallets have much better moisture resistance in dry bags. This is a very useful equipment for short trips on small sailboats (especially without cabins).

11. Waterproof Watch

Waterproof Watch

Another good item to wear on-board is a waterproof watch. Many people cannot imagine a day without a watch, so why must a day on a yacht be different? If the watch is waterproof, sailors can soak it without looking after it.

Therefore, this small object will become a companion for sailing, helping you to count the time until the end of duty.

12. Sunglass


We can assume that sunglasses are another must-have equipment on board. It protects the eyes from the harsh sunlight reflected by the sea water. However, when water drops splash from the board, it also helps the sailor to open his eyes.

When you buy sunglasses for sailors, one of the most important tips for you is to choose a floatable model. In case of a fall, there is at least an opportunity to drag them up.

Entertaining Gifts for Boaters

13. Board Games

Board Games

Board games are always a fan favourite. Who doesn’t like to play a cool board game to pass the time? And especially while sailing on a boat, there might be some quiet days where one would just love to play a board game. You never know.

14. Sailor’s Journal

Sailor’s Journal

On the other hand, some people like to spend time alone. It is a very intimate moment to think about the surrounding environment on a boat in the water. In this case, many people like to write down their ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an ocean inspired diary for your boater friend.

15. Ukulele/Guitar


Surprisingly, a lot of sailors can play musical instruments. But when you imagine the tranquil ocean around you and the warm sunlight above your head, this is completely understandable. The song falls on your mouth without asking. An ukulele or a guitar is a perfect sailing gift for a music cruiser.

Gadgets as Gift for Boaters

16. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

However, if you don’t believe in buying a real instrument, then waterproof Bluetooth speakers will also play an excellent role in cruise entertainment. The music in the happy hour on the sailing boat may play an important role.

Be sure to purchase a waterproof speaker to keep it safe from occasional splashes of water. If it can hang it safely on the deck, it can add points.

17. Mini Movie Projector

Mini Movie Projector

For the movie fanatics, a miniature movie projector will be an interesting gift for sailing. Sometimes sailors spend hours or even days on the pier. Watching their favourite movies is a good way to wait for the right time to leave the port.

18. Mobile Hot Spot

Mobile Hot Spot

In many parts of the world, the marine terminals are still not equipped with Wi-Fi. For this situation, it is a good idea to have your own SIM card and wireless hotspot. Elevated hotspots allow access to 4G/LTE networks, high-speed data and battery operation.

19. Action Cam

Action Cam

For people who like to keep vivid memories on the road, professional action cams are a good idea in other sailing gifts. Action cams can be easily installed in different positions on the ship to capture any kind of extreme scenes. When sitting on the sofa and watching the record safely, you will think of exciting spikes of adrenaline.

20. Drone


If you want to bring more fun to the sailor, please give them a drone. Flying with this toy can take the sailing experience to the next level. Capturing good times is a good way to capture the sailing from the sky.

21. Solar Charger

Solar Charger

Stable electricity is a major problem on small boats. This is why solar chargers are the perfect gift for boats that like to travel shorter distances without an engine generator. When purchasing this device, please pay attention to its portability, efficiency and water resistance.

22. Power Bank

Power Bank

Similar to the charger, the mobile power supply can provide useful help when there is no electricity in a long transportation time. It helps to charge the battery of the mobile phone, so that the sailor can maintain stable contact with family and friends.

Education Related Gift for Boaters

23. Kindle and Audible Books

Kindle and Audible Books

Under the conditions of the sea, it is a great entertainment to spend a quiet moment on the boat, reading or listening to books. Kindle e-readers or audible books are ideal gifts for shipping because they help to spend time on board in a more meaningful way.

24. Online Courses on Sailing

Online Courses on Sailing

If the person you are looking for a gift intends to grow into a sailor, then education may be a perfect nautical gift idea. On the Internet, you will find some interesting online sailing courses, which may be helpful for learning new skills. You will find courses on navigation, electronic systems on board, etc. here.

 Boat Accessories as Gifts for Boaters

 25. Hammock


After a difficult voyage, finding a calm bay in the rough water is a wonderful moment for the sailors. With the help of ultra-light and compact hammocks, the coolness among the trees near Paradise Beach created the moment we depend on for survival.

If you decide to buy a travel hammock, please note its size to make it small enough to fit the sailing package.

26. Charts


The chart is a friend of any senior sailor. If you want to give someone a plan to travel to distant waters, a chart is an ideal marine gift. They help sailors keep a safe track and swim peacefully from one port to another.

27. Thermos Bottle

Thermos Bottle

Nothing tastes better than the sweetness of the black tea brought to the helmsman by another crew member. Ideally, if this tea can keep warm for a long time.

At this moment, a high-quality thermos will help. Just pay attention to the time to keep the high temperature of such bottles, the time to drink easily and the quality of the materials.

28. Satellite Communicator

Satellite Communicator

Safety is the most important thing at sea. Stable communication is one of its main conditions. One of the best gifts for ship delivery may be a tested satellite communicator.

These clever devices allow the crew to send and receive text messages through the satellite system. In this way, they can keep in touch with family and friends.

With the correct subscription, it can also access weather forecasts and navigation maps.

29. Travel Coffee Bottle

Travel Coffee Bottle

For coffee lovers, there is no better sailor gift than a travel coffee machine. With this clever thing, sailors can enjoy the taste of fresh coffee almost anywhere. Even in the ocean.

30. Waterproof Binoculars

Waterproof Binoculars

The waterproof marine binoculars are the perfect sailor gift for two reasons. First, they help the crew to really pay attention to the dangers at sea. Using binoculars makes it easier to analyse rocks, shoals, small navigation route signs or other ships above sea level.

31. Headlamp


Bright headlights make the unexpected work on the deck at night much easier. This simple device is also useful for playing peaceful nights with friends in the wild bay, playing guitar and having fun.

32. Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof Phone Case

This is a great gift idea for rowers who only sail occasionally and are not very advanced in this sport. The waterproof phone case is a perfect sailing gift, ensuring that all smartphones are safe on board. With it, the splash of water will not be scary, and even on rainy days, sailors can use mobile phones.

33. Sailor’s Knife

Sailor’s Knife

A solid knife is a practical tool on board. It is mainly used to cut the rope when needed, but it also does a good job when opening food cans. Knives with nails are particularly useful. This thick needle unwinds the tangled rope well.

Boating Gifts for Your Male Friends

34. Sailor’s Tie

Sailor’s Tie

This is a gift for sailors, for those who like to have a connection with sailing ships even on official occasions. The exquisite sailing pattern silk tie will definitely be appreciated by elegant sailors. I also recommend choosing silk instead of synthetic materials to make a high-quality wardrobe.

35. Nautical Cufflinks

Nautical Cufflinks

These are gifts that will subtly remind you of your passion for sailing. The classic cufflinks with marine motifs are original marine gifts for fathers or boyfriends. 36.

36. Sailing Bracelet

Sailing Bracelet

If your sailor friend prefers casual accessories, the sailing bracelet is the perfect example of a boating gift for him. This simple decoration will assign him to the elite club of dedicated amateurs.

Boating Gifts for Your Female Friends

37. Boating Themed Jewellery

Boating themed Jewellery

Many women like beautiful jewellery. Any sailor woman likes more jewellery with a sailing theme! You can find various masterpieces of sailing jewellery by local artists online. These trinkets are a gift for her beautiful sailing boat.

38. Sailing Scarf

Sailing Scarf

The scarf is a useful wardrobe, and the sailing scarf is a great item to remind the sailor of her enthusiasm. Silk, cotton or viscose scarves are good nautical gifts.

39. Waterproof Toiletries Bag

Waterproof Toiletries Bag

A waterproof makeup bag may be the perfect gift for your sailing girlfriend. Here is a tip: choose a waterproof version.

Personalized Gifts for Boaters

40. Customized Engraved Compass

Customized Engraved Compass

Personalized nautical compass is a personalized nautical gift, but also a very symbolic gift. Not only is it a good decoration, but the engraved text will remind the sailor of home and the people waiting for him to return. This is a sailor’s gift that melts the heart.

41. Personalized Captain’s Hat

Personalized Captain’s Hat

Here, we have one of the sailors’ most interesting gifts. The personalized captain’s hat is a good ship gift for your father or any other strong leader among your sailing friends. Of course, this helps to maintain the correct level and discipline on the ship.

Cool and Funny Boating Gifts

42. Ocean’s Bracelet

Ocean’s Bracelet

This bracelet may not be spectacular, but it is definitely important. 4Ocean is a company that rids the ocean from plastic pollution. The rubbish they dragged from the water was treated as a bracelet.

The sales revenue of these bracelets is used to pay for the company’s operating costs. You can learn more about them here. It’ll be a perfect gift for someone who cares about the ocean.

43. Sailing Themed T-Shirt

Sailing Themed T-Shirt

T-shirts with funny quotes are also great gifts for rowers. Sailors usually like to show their commitment to this hobby, so a T-shirt with funny sailing texts would be perfect.

44. Sailor’s Cup

Sailor’s Cup

Just like T-shirts, funny cups are popular gifts for everyone. You can find a lot of funny cups on online shops.

45. Wooden Toy Boat

Wooden Toy Boat

If you are looking for a gift for a rower, then a wooden toy boat may be a surprising idea. But I’m sure it will melt the heart of any sailing enthusiast, and will proudly stand above the fireplace or on the desk.

46. Boat Adventure Saving Jar

Boat Adventure Saving Jar

Another cool personal gift for sailors is a jar that saves sailing adventures. You can browse Etsy by yourself or find a beautiful ready-made jar in it. This gift will definitely inspire the sailor to save some money for the next adventure. Who knows, even a boat?

47. Sailing Trip

Sailing Trip

What better gift for a sailor than the adventure itself? Get them a sailing trip and make them the happiest person on earth, they literally will be.

It might be a daunting task, picking a gift for someone you care about, but don’t share interests with. Articles like this feels like a lifesaver on those times, or at least I’d like to think that they do.

Pick a gift that seems to suit your boater friends style and make both yourself and your friend happy.

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