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32 Best Gifts for Farmers That Are Handy ALL Year Round

Do you have a farmer friend or even a significant other who is a farmer? A common thing to know about farmers is that, they don’t typically want basic things other people would kill for. For example, if you ask them what they want for, let’s say, Christmas.

They will tell you they need more farm land, or more horses, or perfect weather, mostly things they need for the farm. Things you wouldn’t ever think of giving as a gift and also probably can’t afford. To farmers, their farm is the most important thing.

What to Get Gifts for Farmers?

So, you might be a bit stumped as to what to get for your farmer this season. Well, fear not. We have created a massive list of gifts for you to pick from. Most of the items on this list are gifts that are thoughtful as well as useful.

There are a few novelty items in there if you want to go in that directions. But otherwise, have no doubt that whatever you pick would be very appreciated. Read on below to find out all the cool gift ideas for farmers.

1. Heavy Coat

It can get pretty cold out in the open farmlands even if it’s not winter. So, you know how cold it will get in actual winter season. And farmers don’t stay idle in the winter just because it is cold outside. In fact, there are farmers out there who prefer working on cold weather produces more than other seasonal produce.

But, working on a farm means having to go out into the biting cold. And for doing so, you have to get bundled up in jackets and sweaters, scarves and whatnot. A heavy jacket can easily help reduce the bulk. Make it easier for your farmer friend this winter by gifting them a heavy jacket. They will stay warm in the coldest of days.

2. Mud Boots

Mud Boots

If you work on a farm, it is a must to have a pair of mud boots. No matter how dry your farm land is, you know one way or another you are going to get something on your shoes, be it mud or something else wet. And those cheap rubber mud boots your farmer uses will not be lasting long.

Get them a sturdy pair of mud boots this season that will last them throughout many winters. It will be really nice and useful gift for a farmer.

3. Small Vacation

Small Vacation

If you are looking for a gift for you significant other who is also a farmer, you know you have got to do something special for them this birthday. You know how hard they work all throughout the year and how little time they spend taking care of themselves. For them, farming is their whole life.

In this case, you can buy them a gift the both of you would enjoy. A mini vacation. Where you can get them away from the pressure and work and finally get some alone time. As a bonus, they will also get the chance to just relax for a few days and defrost from the farm life for a bit.

Just make sure you have someone responsible who will take care of the farm in your farmer’s absence.

4. Gloves


A pair of new gloves is going to a great gift for a farmer who works for long hours every day in the dead of winter. Farmers have to work no matter what the weather condition is. They can’t just take a break because it is cold outside. Because animals need taking care each day and as do the produces that grows on the farm.

Farmers are the only thing that keeps the produce to keep on growing even in the coldest of days and they also help the animals stay warm and well fed. Doing so in the cold can be very hard, and sometimes normal gloves just don’t cut it.

For this reason, you can buy the farmer a pair of insulated gloves they can wear to keep warm while working in the middle of winter snow.

5. Warm Socks

Warm Socks

Another useful gift for the winter season for a farmer is a pair of warm socks. If you are going for an inexpensive gift, yet want it to be something useful, because you know your farmer friend will not like novelty gift, then this is going to be a perfect gift for them. A farmer can never have too many pair of warm socks, especially in the winter.

Working on the farm in winter means that not only your shows will get wet, but most of the times, your socks get wet too. So, this season, buy you farmer friend a bunch of warm socks and help them stay dry and cozy.

6. Tractor/Cow Calendar

Cow Calendar

Now, this might seem like a novelty gift, but it is not. When you have a farmer friend, you will know how much they love these kind of things. They eagerly wait for the next time a new tractor or cow calendar would be coming out.

Well this year, you can be the one to give them the esteemed calendars. You can buy them both or just one if you want. But know for sure that your farmer friend will be loving this gift.

7. Old Fashioned Weather Radio

Old Fashioned Weather Radio

In this modern day and age, we barely appreciate the beauty of the classic things. Farmers need to be always up to speed with the local weather to know how to properly care for their farm. There are many available compact weather radios out there these days, but imagine the idea of listening to an old fashioned weather radio on the farm porch with dark clouds looming ahead.

How good does that make you feel just imagining it? Now think how cool your farmer friend would feel doing that every day. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your farmer friend a cool looking old fashioned weather radio and make them nostalgic.

8. Thermos


Working long hours every day is a given for any farmer. No matter if it is cold outside or hot, a farmer is always going to be out and about, doing numerous amount of work that others could never even keep track of. For those farmers, staying hydrated is a must, because hard working can get you dehydrated super quick, even in the winter. For those hard working farmers, a good gift idea would be a thermos.

Something with a good quality that keep hot drinks hot in the winter and cold drinks cold in the summer for hours. They can fill it up with their desired beverage and keep it with their person while working. A very thoughtful gift that will show your farmer friend that you care.

9. Personalized Portraits

Personalized Portraits

Now we have an actual novelty gift in this list. Personalized portraits are going really strong these days. They are immensely cool as well as hilarious and has no purpose but to serve as an entertaining art piece. For the farmer in your life, getting a personalized portrait of them in their tractor would be a brilliant gift.

Of course you can get any other portrait done you think is good, they don’t even have to funny, you can get gorgeous portraits done too. It will be a very good novelty gift for your farmer, one that all of you can enjoy and laugh about.

10. Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife

If you are a farmer, having a good n=knife on you all the time is a must. You never know when you might need one to cut ropes or wires. Especially in the cold in the middle of the snow, working with a dull knife gets pretty hard. So, buy your farmer a good quality pocket knife to make their life a little bit easier.

Even if that farmer already has a knife they love using, it has never hurt anyone to have an extra knife at hand just in case. It will be a good and useful gift for a farmer, gifts like these will always be appreciated more.

11. Flashlight


Staying on a farm means you have to go out at all sorts of odd time. And it also means the at night the outside is quite dark because you cannot just cover a whole farm with electricity lines. For this reason, you can never have enough flashlights at hand. Good flashlights are actually more useful than any random less powerful flashlights.

Because a powerful flashlight can cover a lot of areas and will help the farmer see better and more at night. Definitely a very useful gift for a farmer and something they will surely be grateful for.

12. All Weather Generator

Weather Generator

Staying on a remote area might mean your electricity might go away in a storm and the repairs can take quite some time in that case. What can be really handy in these cases is having an all-weather generator at hand. Your farmer can be fully prepared when the electricity does go out, and won’t to sit idly waiting for it to come back.

They can keep on working and save time. It will be a great gift for a farmer and they can put it anywhere because they are suited to handle any kind of weather.

13. Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

A handy thing to have on a tractor is a portable air compressor. Imagine going on a long haul in your tractor and the tire goes limp miles away from the farm house. What would you do then? Walk the couple of miles back to get the pump, then again walk back to your tractor to fix the tire?

You can make it very easy for you’re the farmer in your by gifting them a portable air compressor. Believe me when I say they will definitely be loving it and would be eternally thankful.

14. Storage Bin

Storage Bin

A solid storage bin can take you a long way in a farm. Storage bins can be used to keep produce in or anything else the farmer might feel the need to keep safe. It is also a good thing to have for extra space. Storage bins are quite spacious and the farmer will be able to store a fair amount of things.

It will also help them remove a lot of clutter from around the farm. So, if you notice your farmer has a lot of clutter lying around give them a set of storage binsas a gift and let them organize the mess.

15. 4-in-1 Pliers

4-in-1 Pliers

Four in one pliers is a very nice tool to have in anyone’s shed. This is tool that basically works as a multi tool because it has four different functions. Buy this for the farmer in your life to carry it around in their belt. They will surely find use of it one time or another.

Because you always need to fix something in a farm, and this tool will definitely come in handy when that happens. It will be a simple yet very useful gift for a farmer.

16. Farm Sign

Farm Sign

Have you noticed the sign on your farmer’s farm is getting a bit worn out? Has the writing faded out and is it just hanging by a thread? Well, maybeit’s time you got them a brand new sign for their farm.

A solidly built sign that will last them longer this time around. Your farmer would definitely be very happy to have gotten such a thoughtful gift from you.

17. Heated Ice Scraper

Heated Ice Scraper

A farmer has to get up early to go to work no matter the season. But in the early winter morning, snow doesn’t melt easily, and the windshield of the truck would definitely be frozen solid. An easy solution for this problem is going to be a heated ice scrapper.

The farmer can plug it into their battery and melt that ice right off the glass in a matter of minutes. It most definitely will save a massive amount of time it would have taken to clear the ice manually. A very useful gift to have for a farmer in the winter.

18. Multi-tool

Another must have item on our list to have on a farm is a multi-tool. They are the handiest item among the tools out there because they have various functionalities packed into one gadget. Having this with your person on all times means you can solve various problems on the farm all in one go.

Imagine how useful of a gift this would be for a farmer. So without waiting buy this easily affordable gift for the farmer in your life and make their work a bit easier.

19. Overshoe Slipper

As a farmer, working out in the field means your shoes would definitely get dirty. Getting in the house with a dirty pair of shoes is a big no-no though. But there are times when you just need to pop in the house really quick to just get something and go. And most the times in these cases, you don’t really have the time to remove the shoes and wear them again going out.

An easy solution for this problem is overshoe slippers. Buy your farmer friend a pair of these to keep by their front door so they can put these on over their shoes and enter the house without the fear of putting mud on the floor. It is a genius invention and a brilliant gift for a farmer.

20. Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable Produce Bags

Another very useful gift for a farmer are reusable produce bags. Farmers are all about the eco living, so they probably won’t be using plastic bags to carry their produces. But using the eco-friendly bags can be quite expensive for them. So, you can help them out by gifting them a set of reusable bags.

They can use them repeatedly and wash them out if they get dirty to use them yet again. There is no doubt that a gift like this would be much appreciated and will show the farmer how thoughtful you are.

21. Utility Cart

Utility Cart

A utility cart is a much needed thing to have on every farm, especially if they grow a lot of produce. Carts like these make it easy to carry the produce a short distance and solves the trouble of having to use the truck to carry produce for a few hundred yards.

Farmers can never have too many utility carts at their disposal. So, buy your farmer friend a goof utility cart as a gift this season to help them ease the workload.

22. Neck Massager

Neck Massager

Working long days tirelessly in a farm can be very stressful for the body, specially the neck area. An easy way to get rid of the stress and make sure no permanent damage is done, is to get an electronic neck massager. It will be something that the farmer can put around their neck and start.

Simple as that. It will give them instant relief and help them relieve the pressure accumulated throughout the day. A definite useful gift for a farmer you want to stay healthy.

23. Outback Hat

Outback Hat

Does your friend work in a farm but doesn’t have an outback hat? And you have always found it hilarious, that they are a farmer, yet they don’t have the most classic farmer thing. Well, now is your chance to remedy that.

You can buy them an outback hat this birthday and let them wear it proudly as a farmer. It will keep them safe from the sun and make your nostalgic old school heart happy.

24. Espresso Machine

Espresso Maker

Does the farmer in your life live and breathe coffee? Can they not function without a shot of espresso with their morning coffee? Well then you have found the perfect gift for them. An espresso machine is going to give them the boost they need for a long day of work and keep them energized throughout the day.

If they crash at the end of the day though, then that’s completely their problem. And probably a good thing too. Who doesn’t want a good night’s sleep after a hard day of work right? Buy the farmer in your life an espresso machine as a gift this Christmas and make them the happiest of them all.

25. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

You can never have too many coffee mugs in a farm house kitchen. Because you know it people will be coming and going all the time. Drinking coffee, exchanging information, having meetings or just plain old gossiping. Whatever the reason is, people will always be milling around the kitchen area drinking coffee.

So, buy the farmer in your life a new set of coffee mugs to add to their kitchen and let them have all the meetings they want in there.

26. Farmer’s Tool belt

This next item on our list is a very useful gift idea. A farmer’s tool belt is something every single farmer should carry, that has space for all their necessary tools and also their phones. Working on a farm, you have to be able to do a bit of every kind of job.

Because you never know what kind of problem might arouse from somewhere and the expert in solving that might be miles away. So, whoever is nearby has to make do before the expert can come in.

So, having a tool belt always comes in handy in situations like these. Buy your farmer friend a good tool belt they can wear while working, and let them save the day.

27. Butter Churner

If the farmer in your life has cows on their farm, you know they gets fresh milk daily right from the source. How great would that be to have fresh milk daily for breakfast? But you can enhance that feeling even more by buying a butter churner and giving it to your farmer.

A butter churner is a handheld device that you can use to make butter out of milk. Homemade butter to have with breakfast, how good does that sound? A brilliant gift idea for a farmer if you ask me.

28.Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Tote bags are very useful things to have for basically everyone. Maybe a bit more if you are a farmer. They can be used to carry produces from the patches to your home. They are big enough to carry all the necessary produce for the day and small enough so they are easy to carry.

Buy your farmer friend a couple of sturdy tote bags to help them carry their things easily without the hustle. Another useful gift that farmers would greatly appreciate.

29. Cow Cufflinks

Definitely another novelty gift in this list. These cow cufflinks would look hilarious on your farmer’s shirt and will make them the talk of the party. They can wear them in any occasion and let people know their love for farming in so deep that they even wear cow cufflinks. This is going to be the perfect gag gift for a farmer without a doubt.

30. Hatchet with Sheath

A hatchet is an important item to have for a farmer. Chopping off low hanging branches or cutting down a broken fence. You name a problem where a something needs to be cut down with force, you need a hatchet. A hatchet with a proper sheath though.

You do not want that thing lying around with those sharp edges do you? Definitely not. Give your farmer friend a solid hatchet with a sheath this gifting season. A gift they can use all the time and appreciate you all the more.

31. Heated Seat Cushion

Working in the winter days can be quite hard. Sitting in open tractors all day long and ploughing the snow covered land, you are guaranteed to have your butt freeze off. You can help out your farmer by gifting them a heated seat cushion for their tractor.

It can be easily installed and will make sure your farmer doesn’t get hypothermia while working long hours. This gift will also ensure that they won’t have to stop work early because of extreme cold, they can keep on working with this gift.

32. Customized Cutting Board

The last item on this list is a customized cutting board. Being a farmer and living in a farmhouse means that you mostly use the fresh produce you grow on the farm. And farmers love to cook with their own produce and show off their cooking styles. Give them a customized cutting board to add to the showing off.

Something cool that have their farm logo engraved in it. The farmer can proudly display in their kitchen and use it even more proudly. A simple yet brilliant gift for a farmer. In the end though, you know your farmer better than anyone else out there. This list is only here to help you get ideas as to what would the best suited gift for them.

Something useful as well as thoughtful that the farmer can appreciate. Make sure the gift you choose would save their time and help them with their farm work. If not, maybe something that helps increase their knowledge. And finally you have to pick something that will just make feel your love and support.

Let your farmer know you care about them and will stand by their side through and thin by giving them a nice gift.

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