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24 Amazing Gifts for Graphic Designers That’ll Accelerate Their Creativity

Looking for a gift for a creative person? It might seem daunting at first. But, with a little help you can easily pick a gift for them. Anyone who is a creative person loves having things are appeal to their nature. Things that will help them enhance their creativity and improve their skills.

Gifts for graphic designers are similar in nature. Graphic designers are also very creative people, and they will love any gift that will help them indulge in their creativity.

What to Get Gifts for Graphic Designers?

Buying gifts for graphics designers might seem a bit hard at first, but if you truly think about it, it may seem like quite an easy task. Graphic designers are always getting ideas in their heads and they like to put those ideas down in pages as soon as possible.

There are many ways they can do that, and gifts relating to those specific might be the best kind of gifts for graphic designers. Follow this article get some brilliant gift ideas for graphic designers.

1. Lap Desk

Lap Desk

Our first gift for graphic designers will eliminate the awkward moments of trying to balance laptops, sketchbooks and large cups of coffee on the lap without tiring hard work.

The vertical lap desk is large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop, and has enough space to put its mobile phone or tablet into a convenient small supporting part for quick screen switching.

This gift is an ideal gift for any creative person who needs to rely on the laptop all day without causing pain and other problems for the person sitting in front of the screen all day.

2. Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook

This gift generally comes with 36 reusable pages that can be seamlessly synchronized with various cloud storage options from Google Drive to iCloud and even the designer’s own email.

With these features, it eliminates the need to carry notebooks or diary planners and any tablets, laptops and other gadgets you need, and all items are safely stored in a convenient place.

It also comes equipped with a digital pen, which allows you to write smoothly on the surface without the risk of staining your hands with ink or the page itself. As long as the page is dried for 15 seconds, you can proceed smoothly.

3. Digital Notepad

Digital Notepad

The perfect gift for creative people, the best gift among the best gifts for graphic designers is a digital notepad. It further encourages designers to abandon paper and embrace the magic of technology at work.

With 100,000 pages of content (this is the content on Rocketbook), graphic designers can sketch, write and doodle according to their own hearts, without worrying about running out of space, so that all brains can’t enter the page.

These pages themselves feel like real paper, thus eliminating any initial discomfort from traditional paper to future paper.

One of its main features is a low-latency, anti-glare screen that makes it more comfortable on the eyes and prevents headaches, without rest during endless working hours (though they should still do it).

4. Authority Backpack

Authority Backpack

Next up we have a brilliant idea on this list of gifts for graphic designers. Every graphic designer needs something hovering around pens, pencils, laptops, tablets and other accessories, as well as a backpack to realize this dream with unparalleled comfort and organization, which a small backpack cannot do.

Pack does everything it can to reduce the terrifying and totally uncool volume that plagues other laptop bags. For people with a lot of gear, they can store jackets and coats outside to provide more space inside, and then tighten them with straps when the bag is not fully filled.

5. Digital Drawing Tablet

Digital Drawing Tablet

With lag-free tracking, this graphics tablet revolutionizes the digital design game and leaves all other products behind. Supplied with Pro Pen 2, graphic designers can be free or strong according to their own preferences, and can reach 8000 levels of sensitivity at various angles for perfect sketching design, which will allow the sharpest eyes to appreciate it correctly.

Connect it to other devices via Bluetooth, and its multi-touch function allows artists to switch images seamlessly with the push of a button. Shortcut keys are also provided, so they can choose their favourite shortcuts without wasting time jumping between windows to find what they need.

6. Computer Monitor Stand

Computer Monitor Stand

If your favourite graphic designer is eager to save extra space on the desk, then the solution is Computer monitor stand. It is designed to be up to 3.5 inches high and can be customized to prevent neck and back strains and keep them comfortable the next morning when the project arrives.

The display stand has space for the display itself, two smartphones, pens, pencils, scissors, coffee cups, and tablet computers, and has space for storing keyboards and mice under it.

Its appearance is fashionable and stylish, the wooden surface is smooth and dexterous, both light and strong, can accommodate heavier items, such as printers or consoles, and is compact, and can be comfortably placed in any office space.

If you know a graphic designer who often complains about neck pain and poor posture, please use this monitor stand to save them.

7. USB Multi Port

USB Multi Port

This 8-in-1 multi-port is specially designed to expand the USB port function. It has slots for 3 USB flash drives, micro USB cables for SD and micro SD, charging port and HDMI port to maximize work efficiency and quickly transfer files across devices without causing any boring downtime.

The transmission speed is up to 5Gbps, and 2TB of data can be transferred from one device to another in a few seconds. Yes, a few seconds. For designers who are budget-conscious and use different files across multiple devices, this is the solution they’ve always wanted.

8. Grip Pen

Grip Pen

This Grip Pen is one of the greatest and most stylish graphic design gadgets. It is an excellent digital pen that will not cause fuss or complexity, allowing designers to complete sketches simply and comfortably.

It is a pleasure to hold it, it will not rub your fingers or feel uncomfortable like other pens, and has a sensitivity of more than 2000 levels to achieve the most precise details.

For those who use the tablet and pen for up to 15 hours a day, this is your pen. It can withstand heavy use while retaining response time, and does not require clumsy power cords or batteries, which would make the pen inoperable.

It also includes 3 standard black nibs for easy replacement. It will be the perfect gift for a graphic designer.

9. World Clock

World Clock

When it comes to interesting graphic design gifts, why not invest in something weird and unique to suit their home, office or studio. The LED world clock is just a gift for those who like to decorate the work space in a boring way. It is a good conversation tool when receiving guests and customers.

Graphic designers will love its timing method, its lights are bright, but don’t be distracted in a dark room at the end of the day. Not every gift has to be the most practical in the world, so why not be happy when considering your next gift. Our handy guide to the best wall clocks offers more great products like this.

10. Portable Espresso Machine

Espresso Maker

This is the perfect gift for individuals who travel a lot and falls into the category of cool gifts for graphic designers. An espresso machine designed to keep the most hard-working designers busy all day, complete tasks on time, and deal with demanding and often delusional customers.

The machine allows coffee lovers to determine how much coffee they need for each grind, whether they need a little time to pick me up or just a few minutes to fully recharge.

It has a fast action function, can brew 50 ml of coffee in just a few minutes, and if there is no time in the morning, you can also brew at home, on the train or in the office, and the coffee in the office is only light.

11. Diskless Storage

Diskless Storage

If someone has a lot of work in the process of completion and has developed a huge product portfolio after years of hard work and dedication, then whether they lose all their hard work due to a hard drive failure or being hacked, it will be a challenge an indisputable disaster.

The product acts as the designer’s own personal multimedia server, which can store images, music and videos with a quality up to 4K. Although it looks cumbersome, it is surprisingly light and does not interfere with the work area.

In addition, through its Quick Connect function, you can access files anytime, anywhere through your smartphone or tablet, and you can do almost all the operations you may need. Please check our guide to top external hard drives to find more similar great products.

12. Wireless Graphic Tablet

Wireless Graphic Tablet

For new graphic designers who want to stimulate their appetite in the creative world, this wireless graphics tablet is an ideal entry model for them to master their craft before graduating from more expensive equipment.

It is designed with easy-to-use features that help cultivate a love for graphic design and the entire industry while people are still learning.

For those who are still mastering what they can and cannot do and watching their creativity skyrocket, this tablet can serve as an excellent learning curve.

13. 3D Pen for Kids

3D Pen for Kids

Okay, so they may not be graphic designers yet, but this can inspire them to enter the field of graphic design from an early age. The 3D printing pen set is the first kit that is completely safe for children. It can eliminate the annoying burning hazard caused by drying and fixing the plastic in the product.

Designed to cultivate creativity, this 3D pen can also be an excellent learning tool for emerging artists. They will have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of art.

It was developed to make it easy for children to use and allow them to inhale air at a speed and temperature, while the plastic hardens quickly to show their ideas in physical form.

14. Book on Creativity

Book on Creativity

If you are confused about Christmas gifts for graphic designers, you can’t go wrong with a good book, which emphasizes what anyone needs to know about the creative process and its rules.

Readers are treated as trading tricks, ideas to increase creativity and feeling inspired, as if they have completely lost any creativity and completely lost their ideas.

People of all creative types will feel this at some point, so this kind of speech is great and can give themselves a morale-boosting speech, they need to stop procrastinating and start doing it.

15. Slim Leather Wallet

Slim Leather Wallet

This exquisite and stylish wallet is perfect for graphic designers on the go who don’t want to be bothered by a cumbersome wallet full of flips, creases and malfunctions.

It is designed to slip into the pocket comfortably without being heavy, making it ideal for carrying cash and cards, because who wants to find change again?

Unlike other wallets, it is easy to take out cards or banknotes without wandering around and standing in a row. There are slots inside, which can hold up to four cards.

In this increasingly cashless world, no matter how much cash you carry, you will fold it close to your body without causing the operator to sprout and be damaged.

16. Notebook with Dot Grid

Notebook with Dot Grid

Among the many extraordinary gifts for graphic designers, our most valuable product is the dot grid notebook. It has a dot grid page, which is very suitable for writing, organizing, graffiti, sketching and more detailed works.

It can be easily and comfortably carried anywhere without feeling clumsy by just sliding into the pocket of a jacket or backpack.

This is a great solution for those struggling to get designer Christmas gifts, and no creative person in the world will refuse to store another notebook.

Without them, it is easy for them to feel that their ideas will overflow from their ears, flow down, and never be seen again, and for designers, there is no worse feeling than this.

17. Postcard Box Set

Postcard Box Set

Handwritten notes give people an incomparable feeling with electronic means. The box is used as notes, birthday cards and thank you cards to add a dynamic colour. It is a great gift for graphic designers who like to give people personalized postcards on holidays.

18. Pigma Ink Gift Set

Pigma Ink Gift Set

For artists who do not care about the spending but of the quality, this gift is for them. The smoothness of inks has made the pigma ink set a popular choice over the years. Pigma ink is also permanent on paper and many fabrics, water resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance.

Permanence/permanence refers to the ability of a substance to resist changes for a long time without significant deterioration under normal use and storage conditions. What could be a better gift then this for a graphic designer?

19. Smartphone Stand

Smartphone stand

Some designers prefer to use smartphones and tablets at the same time. With this adjustable stand, you can place the device in the way you want. Get this gift for your friend to help them multitask even faster and more effectively.

20. Headphone Amplifier

Headphone Amplifier

Another brilliant gift for graphic designers with a preference for music is headphone amplifier. Working long hours on the computer may become tedious, but in order to improve concentration, designers prefer to listen to music.

Therefore, the headphone amplifier is their ideal choice. Designed with high impedance and low sensitivity, it is very suitable and can also be used on small workstations.

21. The Re-Fold Multi Fold Portable Table

Multi Fold Portable Table

Sitting and working all day is harmful to your health. So why not give them something flexible? This multifunctional table is not only flexible, but also portable, affordable and 100% recyclable. This easy-to-fold desk is easy to assemble and will provide a thoughtful gift for the graphic designer in your life.

22. Paper Tablet

Paper Tablet

Reading, writing or sketching, this paper tablet will make everything worth experiencing. For designers who waste their creativity on paper, this tablet computer will prove to be a promising gift.

In addition, the experience is digital, which means combining old methods with new ones. The perfect combination.

23. Online Courses

Online Courses

In the age of online shopping and online gift ordering, why not buy online courses or subscribe to gifts? Scratch your head and think about a book or course that your designer partner has wanted for a long time.

If you can, you may have found a great Christmas gift for them because it is already on their wish list. Try to browse courses in Udemy or Skillshare.

24. Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

The last item on our list of gifts for graphic designers is computer glasses. For designers, another useful gift might be a pair of anti-glare glasses. Designers and developers often have to stare at the computer screen for a long time, which usually causes eye strain.

Computer glasses with advanced lens technology are designed to minimize these adverse effects. The glasses not only look cool, but also provide a wonderful addition to the designer’s accessories. Or, you can choose pure optical contacts without wearing glasses at all.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Chocolates, picture frames and books are obvious gifts, but how can you find something different and exciting for your loved ones? Especially when the recipient has artists, designers or technicians.

Buying gifts for graphic designers shouldn’t really be that hard. So, go with your gut and follow it wherever it leads you. And we are of course here to guide you towards the perfect gift for graphic designers.

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