Gifts for Medical Students

27 Amazing Gifts for Medical Students

Medical school is hard. You have to be studying basically all the time and cram as much knowledge into your brain as you can. Because you are actually studying how to save lives, you have to learn everything.

You cannot just slack off and call it a day because even a little misplaced knowledge can be very dangerous in the medical field.

Looking for gifts for medical students can be quite hard because of this reason. What do you buy for someone who is always studying and working hard to finish medical school?

What to Get Gifts for Medical Students?

When you are thinking about buying gifts for medical students, you have to keep in mind that a gift that is useful will be much more appreciated than a novelty gift. That is not to say that they won’t like novelty gifts.

If you know this person well and know that they will like novelty gifts, then definitely go for that option. But also know that as a medical student, gifts that will make their lives a bit easier would be a better choice.

In this article, we have created a list of both useful and novelty gifts for medical students, from which you can look through and pick whatever you think would suit your friend better.

1. New Stethoscope

New Stethoscope

A medical student can always use a new stethoscope. It might seem like a basic gift, but it is pretty much mandatory for medical students to have a stethoscope at hand.

They will also have to use it throughout their residency and while they practice too. So, a new stethoscope will be a very good gift for a medical student.

2. Soft Scrubs

Be it medical school or residency, you always have to wear scrubs. And also it is a pretty cheap gift option for a med student. Having soft and comfortable scrubs is a must because you basically have to wear it for a long time every day.

A new set of soft scrub will keep medical students from feeling irritated even when they work long hours.

3. A complete Set of Dissection Tool

A complete Set of Dissection Tool

A brilliant gift on this list of gifts for medical students is a dissection tool set. The medical school will periodically slice the cadavers to equip the students with the skills and knowledge to become future doctors.

Therefore, having your own anatomy kit is going to be very useful, not to mention you will definitely be helping them save some money.

4. Smart Alarm Clock

Smart Alarm Clock

If you want to give a medical student an alarm clock, pick a Smart alarm clock and let them gain more control of waking up with cool themes, control of the light intensity, etc.

A smart alarm clock allows you to set up to four alarms at a time, select the brightness, select the wake-up theme, and control the radio and sound.

They can even command Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to set up or control any of its functions. How cool of a gift would that be for a medical student, very useful to wake up for those early morning study sessions.

5. Bone Pen

Bone Pen

Did you know you can get pens that are shaped lied bones? Well, if you didn’t know, you just found out. This is the first novelty gift on our list of gifts for medical students but certainly not the last.

This pen will definitely be a cool new addition to take to classes for a medical student and everyone would have a great laugh about it, some might even be jealous that they don’t have such a cool pen.

6. Espresso Machine

Espresso Maker

Being a med student means you barely get to have any sleep. Coffee basically becomes your best friend at that stage. But that also means waking up even more early to stand in line at the coffee shop along with the rest of the students.

You can buy them an espresso machine and help solve plenty of their problems. They won’t have to wake up early and they definitely won’t have to stand in a line to have that precious coffee anymore either.

And such a gift would be very much appreciated.

7. Anatomical Necklace

 Anatomical Necklace

A handmade piece of jewelry inspired by antiques will help medical students get through difficult times and even study overnight.

To remind you of the big picture: the goal is to join the long history of proud doctors, and the path they have walked is going hanging around your neck.

A sweet gift to remind them that no matter how hard the time gets, they can push through and become successful in achieving their dreams.

8. Anatomy Poster

Anatomy Poster

Another novelty item on our list of gifts for medical students is an anatomy poster. And it might come in handy too, in remembering all the names of specific body parts.

And nevertheless, a cool thing to have on your wall in the dorm room. This will a great addition to the medical student’s collection and an appropriate gift for sure.

9. DNA Pendant

DNA Pendant

The next item is also a novelty gift in the form of a pendant. This item is gorgeous and would make everyone look at you twice if you wear it. You can pick this pretty gift for a pretty girl to show them how much you care about them.

10. Syringe Highlighter

 Syringe Highlighter

And here we have another novelty gift for you to pick from. This is a set of syringe highlighters that will help the med student study better and will look like they are highlighting their book with a syringe.

Though this gift will mostly be considered as a gag gift, a lot of medical students would love to have them in their collection.

11. Microbe Plush

As a medical student, you are probably very accustomed to microbes. You earn about them all throughout the years and become very familiar with them. And on that topic, did you know microbe plushes are a thing?

If I was a medical student, I would most definitely want one. So, without waiting anymore, buy a cute and cuddly microbe plush for your friend and make them happy.

12. Eye Chart Tie

Does the med student in your life lean more towards the ocular department of the medical field? Then I suggest this gift for them.

An eye chart tie would show them that you care about their passion and will definitely help them show it off to the whole world.

13. Anatomy Colouring Book

You might be thinking about what a coloring book is doing in a list of gifts for medical students, well, for your information, coloring books are actually very relaxing and they can help spend the time quite effectively.

And an anatomy coloring book will be a bit educational too. It’s a decent gift for medical student to pass their time on.

14. Journal

Buy a med student a journal and help them relieve the stress by writing down their thoughts and feelings. It is no doubt that medical students are always under immense pressure.

And a journal can be of great help in solving that. This will be a thoughtful and very helpful gift for a medical student.

15. Skeleton

Now, this here is a really useful gift for a medical student. As a medical student, you must buy your own skeleton set. And those don’t come cheap.

You can help out the med student by spending a bit more than necessary and help save them some money. Medical students are already in enough student debt as it is. Buying them a skeleton would be immensely helpful.

16. Backpack

Authority Backpack

A good backpack is always useful for any student. And especially if you are a med student who will have to go to more classes and study sessions than your average student body.

A new and sturdy backpack is always welcome for these people. Buy your friend a solid new backpack and make their lives a bit easier.

17. Laptop

If you want to buy the medical student in your life something special, get them a new laptop. Med students are generally always on their laptops when they are not studying, doing more studying, research, prepping, and whatnot.

So, if you notice their laptop is getting a bit slow lately and not doing them proper service, you can buy them a new one. It might seem like an expensive gift but for them, it can be life-changing.

18. Hippocratic Oath Print

Doctors take their Hippocratic oaths very seriously. This oath is what keeps them from straying towards darkness and keeps them from malpractice. As a medical students they are not bound by this oath yet, but it is certainly very inspiring.

Get a Hippocratic oath print for your friend to decorate their room so that they can see it every day and be more enthused to do better.

19. Spa Treatment

Med students never have time for breaks. They are always studying or researching or following residents and doctors around in the hospitals to learn more. In their chase to learn more and more, they barely get any time to relax at all.

This holiday season, you can help them relax buy treating them to a few days of relaxation at a spa. You can even make a vacation out of it if you wanted.

20. Medical Journal Subscription

A very useful gift for a medical student is going to be a subscription to medical journals. Medical journals publish all the news of the latest and greatest happenings in the med world and a student can stay up to date with all the advances in the medical field through these magazines.

This will be a very thoughtful, as well as a useful gift for a medical student.

21. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

As a medical student it is a given that you have to study, and by that I mean you have to study a lot, basically all the time. But this can sometimes become a difficult task if you have a noisy roommate or if you live in an area that is generally noisy.

A noise-canceling headphone will be the perfect gift for someone with this problem. Noise-canceling headphones will help them forget the world around them and concentrate fully on their studies.

22. Bone Socks

Bone socks are definitely a novelty gift for a medical student. And by bone socks do not think of socks made of bones instead they are socks that have bones printed in them.

These will keep their feet warm and look cool as well. Definitely a win-win situation.

23. Scented Candles

Some might think this is a novelty gift, but for some people, scented candles work as a stress reliever. Some people find a specific smell to be relaxing, and in this day and age, it is pretty easy to find a scented candle that comes with your preferred smell.

For these medical students, a gift set of scented candles might be a good idea for this holiday season.

24. Bath Bombs

Bering a med student is stressful. No one can deny that ever. But a very nice of relaxing is taking baths. A good bath can loosen your muscles and take away all the tension from your body.

Bath bombs are a great way to enhance that relaxation even more. Buy the medical students a bath bomb care package and help them stay stress-free even for a little while.

25. Doctors and Wars Game

a cool way for the would-be doctors to relax and have fun is playing board games. And it will be even cooler if they are playing with this doctors and wars board game.

This game is ridiculously fun and any med student would love to play it with their friends over break time.

26. Healthy Snacks Basket

Most medical students are a bit of a health nut. Mostly because they work with sick patients all the time and knows how harmful unhealthy food habits can be.

For those people, a healthy snacks basket can be a lifesaver. They can munch on some snacks while taking a break and not worry about harming their health.

27. First Aid Kit

The final item on our list is a first aid kit. Medical students learn to treat other people all day, but how many of them have a basic first aid kit in their own home do you think?

Not many I can assure you of that. A first aid kit would be a good way to remind them how much you care for their safety. It will be a nice and thoughtful gift.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the gift you want to buy for the medical student in your life is entirely up to you. It can be a novelty gift or something useful, or even something that is in between.

Buy them something you know they would love and be happy about it. Buying gifts for medical students isn’t really that hard, I promise.

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