31 Gift for Programmers, Coders, and Techies That Will Help Them Immensely

If you have a friend who is a programmer, then you know how hard it is to pick a gift for them. Choosing gifts for programmers can be quite a daunting task as they can have the tendency to be a bit particular in their choices.

So, while picking a gift for them you should look for something that will be fun as well as useful. You can pick either of those or a combination of the two, just be sure that the programmer friend would like it.

What to Get Gifts for Programmers?

Searching for the perfect gift for your programmer friend? When it comes to friends and family in the field, the idea of ​​giving gifts to programmers is not the easiest.

After all, ordinary weird gifts may not be able to give full play to the professionalism and coding interest of their works.

Well, look no further because here we have created a list of 31 gifts for programmers that will be perfect for them. Just pick one and see how happy they become.

1. Udemy Courses

Udemy Courses

Udemy offers 100,000 online courses on various topics, covering everything from programming to weaving. Among all the products they provide, the following three are some of the best technical gift courses for coders who want to improve their skills or even pursue a new career:

2. Laptop Sticker Pack

Laptop Sticker Pack

A lot of programmers like to keep their laptops clean of stickers and there are some who likes to cover their laptop with stickers. For those programmers, a brilliant and easy gift idea would be laptop sticker packs. You can find stickers specifically for programmers and coders.

3. Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable Standing Desk

Sitting in front of the computer all day may have adverse effects on your health, including back problems due to poor posture. However, standing up all day is not the solution-it is best to alternate between the two.

This is why the adjustable standing desk is one of the best workstation upgrades for office workers. Adjustable standing desks are loved by many because of their highly customizable features.

The large workspace on most of these desks also means that you can upgrade multiple screens, which is essential for most programmers and coders.

4. LEGO Mindstorm Kit


Although Lego Mindstorms are sold mainly for children, they are equally interesting and fun to adults. The LEGO Mindstorms robot kit generally comes with buttons, motor ports, internet connection, sensors, remote control functions, etc.

Using drag and drop scripts, the robot can perform various actions. The kit comes with instructions for multiple robot designs, but you can customize them and make your own robots after you are satisfied with how they work.

This kit would be a perfect gift for programmers who likes to have fun and has an interest in gadgets.

5. Coffee Maker

Espresso Maker

A coffee maker is one of the best gifts for programmers because most of them survive solely on coffee. Programmers like to work hard and most of them work well into the night to work on some code or another and they typically do not stop until they are finished.

In these cases, they consume coffee by the bucketful. For those coffee loving programmers out there, a brilliant gift would be a coffee maker. They can have coffee anytime they want without having to go out or order in. and they definitely would appreciate it very much.

6. Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality is the latest tech to have for anyone and everyone. It is coming up in the world and coming up very fast. VR is taking over a lot of platforms and it is going to be a necessary gadget to have pretty soon.

Standalone VR headsets are going to be a great gift for a programmer, as they love gadgets already, this is going to a very useful addition in their collection.

7. Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

If your technical friend is coding on a laptop (very likely), then a high-quality laptop bag will be a great gift. You will need a bag made of high-quality, sturdy materials, big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop, and enough space and pockets for other items.

8. Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum

In a critical juncture, doing housework usually falls at the top of the programmer’s list. But a simple robot vacuum cleaner is a great way to make someone’s life easier. So, if you are looking for a gift for your programmer friend and you want to help them make their life easier, then this will be a perfect gift for them.

9. Light Therapy Lamp

Desk Lamp

For programmers, there are often odd jobs or long hours of work in the office. But the resulting lack of natural light will affect your circadian rhythm and make you feel tired, sad and tired. The phototherapy lamp is a way to solve this problem and provides a thoughtful gift for coders.

The LED physiotherapy lamp is a highly rated lamp that provides bright light to help trigger the awake phase of the brain and restore the circadian rhythm. It also does not contain ultraviolet light, which can protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation.

10. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

There is nothing worse than being unable to concentrate on work because of the noise around you. However, you can choose to use noise-canceling headphones instead of noise-canceling headphones. These earphones can form a kind of seal that can block external noise instead of relying on cancelling the signal.

One of the most comfortable and effective options is that they include rotatable earmuffs, which are perfect for when you need to pause noise isolation to quickly chat with colleagues.

11. Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboard is perfect for anyone typing all day and including programmers. They are usually expensive, but totally worth it. They just feel better typing, and this improvement has a huge impact on productivity.

The professional keyboard provides an excellent mechanical typing experience, as well as laser engraving on each button, which is very suitable for users who keep their sight on the screen while typing and a convenient volume knob.

12. Smart Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon Echo provides a huge addition to any family, especially for programmers. At least, it can be used to play and control music. But more advanced features include the ability to design Alexa skills that enable Echo to follow custom commands and use it with third-party applications.

13. Programmable Drone


Programmable drones are an interesting way to combine interest in quadcopters with interest in coding. These drones allow you to encode custom commands and functions into Quadcopter’s software.

Although some people use workarounds to essentially hack drone software, others support Tynker and Blockly for group coding, Javascript and Python for text coding, and Apple’s Swift Playground.

It will be a great gift for programmers in the more expensive side.

14. Adruino Starter Kit

Arduion Starter Kit

Arduino is like Lego, but more adult Lego bricks. It includes various circuits and electronic components, which can be combined and coded to accomplish interesting things. Raspberry Pi is more suitable for software-based projects, while Arduinos are best for hardware-based projects.

This is a tinker’s dream! Getting started can be difficult, so we recommend that you give the adruino starter kit as a gift. The toolkit includes more than 200 components, but more importantly, it provides useful tutorial materials and courses.

15. Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Closeup the glasses and blured background of woman working in office workplace with laptop in morning light.

These anti-blue computer glasses can help programmers avoid eye fatigue, blurred vision and headaches. The transparent lens blocks ultraviolet radiation and protects the eyes. Therefore, this is another great technological gift that can keep it safe and healthy after a long time of coding.

16. Fitness Tracker

Smart Watch

It is important to keep fit and do at least a little bit of exercise from time to time. Especially if you are a programmer, then you should exercise on a daily basis because sitting down for a long time can cause harm to your body.

A fitness tracker might be a great gift for programmers to get them to start exercising. Also it will show them you care about their health.

17. Productivity Timer Hourglass

Hour Glass

It can be difficult to maintain programmer productivity, which is why we often recommend Pomodoro technology: a cycle includes 30 minutes of work, followed by a 5-minute break. With a stylish hourglass timer set, the programmers in your life can not only complete more work in less time, but they will be happy for it!

18. Mazes for Programmers Book

Mazes for Programmers

Mazes for Programmers, created by one of the core Ruby on Rails team members, is an interesting little book that teaches you how to create random mazes of various shapes and sizes. The code in this book is written in Ruby, but the algorithms and concepts can be applied to any programming language.

19. Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard

This ergonomic keyboard is the perfect gift for programmers who spend all day in front of the computer. Through its contoured keyboard design and low-pressure mechanical key switches, Kinesis Advantage2 improves both comfort and productivity. Even better, it can be plug and play on all major operating systems.

20. Team Treehouse Courses

Team Treehouse Courses

Team Treehouse offers more than 300 courses, including on-demand video and interactive code challenges, all of which are related to technology. Unlike Udemy, you don’t have to choose which courses to buy for the person buying the gift: subscribing to the gift allows them to access many courses. For example, they can take similar courses they want.

21. Computer Chair

Computer Chair

There has been a lot of research on how sedentary will seriously affect our health. This chair offers a compromise solution that allows users to stay more active through “micro-actions” while sitting. Extra physical exercise can also help keep your mind active and increase productivity.

22. Mobile UI/UX Design Notebook

Mobile UI/UX design Notebook

Application designers and developers want to provide a great user experience and start with wireframes, mockups and prototypes. This laptop is a cheap technology gift that can easily outline ideas and brainstorm to attract users successfully.

23. Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Technical professionals are known for having dozens of sticky notes on their computers and desktops at any given time, so organizational tools can provide programmers with exquisite Christmas gifts.

24. Computer Monitor Massage Board

Computer Monitor Massage Board

This simple memo pad is attached to the side of the screen, so they can organize notes at eye level, and it is cheap and can be made into a perfect stocking.

25. Gaming Keycaps

Gaming Keycaps

Type on the keyboard long enough, and eventually it will start to show signs of wear. These keycaps are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and have a smooth and shiny texture, which makes typing more pleasant, and the appearance is stylish and futuristic. It is a cool gift for coders.

26. Wireless Smartphone Charger

Wireless Smartphone Charger

A high-speed wireless charging pad can charge three mobile phones at the same time (AirPods can also be charged). Check the list of compatible models to ensure that the recipient’s phone is compatible.

It is a great technology gift for couples or children who keep losing or trading chargers. This will be a great gift for programmers and it will help save them a lot of trouble.

27. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

This gadget on our list of gifts for programmers is for all those gamer programmers out there. A Nintendo switch is a great way to spend time and enjoy gaming to relax. The programmer in your life will definitely love you for this gift.

28. Spotify Subscription

Spotify Subscription

This gift is for those music lover programmers out there. Programmers spend a lot of life working in coding, and they sometimes like to listen to music to concentrate and cancel out any other noise. A Spotify premium subscription is going to a perfect gift for those programmers.

29. Potted Plant

Potted Plants

A nice and sweet gift for programmers can be a potted plant. A potted plant would look good on their desk and make it look more lively. It will let them think of you every time they look at it and they’d be grateful for it.

30. Grid Dot Notebook

Grid Dot Notebook

Grid dot notebooks are going to be the perfect gift for programmers who likes to draw out ideas before starting to code on the computer. A grid dot notebook will be a great way to help them do that. Buy this nice notebook for them to let them know how much you care about them.

31. Portable Monitor

Portable Monitor

Usually, the second screen can greatly improve your work efficiency, but for programmers, multiple screens are essential. The second screen allows coders to easily monitor whether edits to their code are reflected in their projects without having to switch windows.

Final Thoughts

In the end, just think about what you know would be perfect for the programmer in your life and choose it for them.

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