28 Useful Gifts for Quilters They Will Absolutely Love

When it comes a time where you need to buy a gift for someone, there are several ways you can go to complete the process. Considering somebody’s personal interest is an easy way to buy gifts that they would really like.

So, if you have someone in your life who is a quilter and loves to sew then buying them quilting gifts is going to be the best thing. Doesn’t matter what kind of gifts you are looking for.

Whether it is for Christmas or if it is a way to commemorate special occasions, or maybe even an ideal Mother’s Day gift, there are beautiful gifts for quilters in all shapes and sizes. Explore these ideas and find the person who is best for the one you love.

What to Get Gifts for Quilters?

When you are looking for the right gifts for quilters, anything that can help them sew easier or more comfortably can’t go wrong. We have carefully selected some of the best gifts that can help them stand out and also support their favorite hobbies.

If a person loves quilting, then the best kind of gifts to buy for them is things that will help in their quilting and maybe even make it easier for them to do so. If you have no idea as to what kind of gifts you should buy for quilters, then you have come to the right place.

Follow this article to learn more about quilting and what should be the best gifts for quilters.

1. Computerized Quilting Machine

Computerized Quilting Machine

Gift the quilter in your life this computerized sewing machine as a way to help them to sew on the autopilot. This is a way to make things a lot easier, but still provide impressive results and still need their supervision. It also sews so that they can make a lot of crafts.

2. Scrap Catcher

Scrap Catcher

Now their work area will also have a waste collector where it should have always been. Because working on quilting means you get a lot of scraps and bits and pieces that goes in the bin. But before it goes in the bin, it gets strewn around in the room.

This scrap catcher would be the perfect gift in situations like these. It can be fixed on the table and hung on the work area so that when they cut and cut the fabric, they can throw in the scraps.

3. Fabric Estimating Calculator

Fabric Estimating Calculator

With this fabric estimation calculator, they no longer have to guess. It can perform mathematical calculations, so they can stick to the fun of patchwork without worrying about whether they have measured the fabric correctly. They will like more projects and they work well.

4. Mini Iron

Mini Iron

This mini iron is very suitable for places where it is difficult to access fabrics, but conventional irons cannot do it. It can help their finished projects look better and is very suitable for all corners of ironing projects.

5. Quilter’s Travel Case

Quilter’s Travel Case

This suitcase ensures that they can complete everything needed for sewing projects anytime, anywhere. There will be some downtime during the journey. This is by no means a failure; this is a good time to complete the makes sewing.

6. Quilter’s Journal

Quilter’s Journal

After completing the task, help them record different document sewing projects. You will not believe that this will make things more organized and help remember the differences in the different projects they work on.

7. Quilter’s Ruler

Quilter’s Ruler

A quilter cannot really quilt without a ruler can they? You know if your friend is a serious quilter then they already have a ruler. But also know that a quilter can never have too many rulers. You never know when you might need one but can’t find it. So surprise them with this sweet gift and make them happy.

8. Rotary Cutting Set

Rotary Cutting Set

This rotary cutting kit will help them cut more precisely and save them from having to use scissors all the time. Sometimes some scissors can’t cut at all, or cut badly, and this cutting kit solves this problem.

9. Thread Spool Hugger

Thread Spool Hugger

Just because the gift is cheap does not mean that it cannot bring much fun. The spool hug is essentially a small quilt item for gifts that can help you perform fun activities as a gift.

10. Bobbin Matched with Spool

Bobbin Matched with Spool

An organized work area is not always easy for a quilter to maintain. Satisfy your quilter friend with a spool matched to the bobbin to achieve ideal organizational control. A great gift idea for all those quilters out there who doesn’t like to make a mess and likes to stay organized.

11. Detail Scissor

Detail Scissor

If the quilter in your life already has a standard pair of scissors, please consider this fine scissor as a gift. This handy tool allows you to easily take projects in interesting new directions. A detail scissor will be a great gift for your quilting friend.

12. Sewing Station

Sewing Station

If you want to spend more money on gifts for quilters, you should definitely consider investing in a sewing station. The price is reasonable and durable; this is the gift of the quilting expert in your life that can be used continuously for several hours.

13. Fabric Charm Pack

Fabric Charm Pack

A little talent turns a routine sewing project into an exciting endeavor. This gift is something that will help immensely with doing that. This overlock charm is a gift that will inspire new ideas and exciting future projects for the quilter.

14. Sewing Box

Sewing Box

For anyone wishing to start a sewing project, the sewing kit is a trusted resource. This kit is ideal when you want to choose gifts for the first time sewer gifts and experts!

15. Magnetic Pin Bowl

Magnetic Pin Bowl

Not your average pincushion. This navy blue and sparkling gold magnetic gender pin bowl is going to be your quilter friend’s fashionable way to store all the pins. Strong magnets ensure that the pins are firm-even upside down. The wide magnetic base ensures stability, so that the workbench will not be confused.

16. Sewing Machine Necklace

Sewing Machine Necklace

This nice and sweet gift is perfect for the quilting lover wives, mothers, grandmothers or friends who likes sewing. This necklace comes with a little charm to commemorate their passion for quilting and shows them how much you appreciate it.

17. Patchwork Tea Diffuser by David Birch

Patchwork Tea Diffuser by David Birch

This stunning 4-cup teapot is the result of a creative collaboration between ceramic designer David Birch and fabric artist Kaffe Fassett. Made of high-quality ceramics with slanted sides, designed to fully demonstrate Kaffe’s vibrant and colorful design.

Includes a stainless steel oval filter with a unique interlocking tray to hold the filter while brewing tea. Designed for tea fans.

18. Jelly Roll

jelly roll for quilting

The jelly roll is a bundle of selected 2.5-inch long pre-cut quilt fabrics containing a series of coordinated fabrics from the designer collection. Jelly rolls can easily sew cute strip quilts! Use these filters to buy various jelly roll colors, themes and styles designed by top fabric designers. Very suitable for beginners.

19. Gypsy Quilter

Gypsy Quilter

This cutting tool is very convenient when they need to separate the chain segments of the duvet cover. It is much better than doing it manually, it saves them time and trouble, and is a thoughtful gift that shows that you are working hard to support their hobby.

20. Fabric Cutter

Fabric Cutter

A quilter isn’t a quilter without a fabric cutter. This gift on our list of gifts for quilters is just that. A good old sturdy fabric cutter. This gift will show them you care about their passion for quilting and is there to support them.

21. Cutting Mat

cutting mat for quilters

This unique cutting mat is for the people who like sewing and other small arts and crafts projects. The cushion provides you with an ideal surface for cutting paper, fabric and leather strips. It not only protects your desktop or work station, but also the blade, because the soft composition of the cushion will not dull the blade like cardboard.

22. Quilting Modern Book

Quilting Modern Book

A new era in today’s modern sewing movement, Quilting Modern book teaches sewing people how to use improvisation techniques to make graphics, contemporary sewing and sewing projects. Explore seven core technologies and explore multiple projects using each technology-all with detailed instructions.

It also includes step-by-step instructions by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen, covering the basics of tools, materials and seams, as well as expert advice on color and design.

23. Mini Crafters Tote

Mini Crafters Tote

A cute gift for the quilter in your life, with the help of which they can carry their quilting equipment with them wherever they go. They can take it to the park and enjoy quilting among the natural scenery, you never know. So buy this tote bag for your quilter friend and let them sew away.

24. Open Craft Caddy by Singer

Open Craft Caddy by Singer

If you are used to storing fabric quilts wherever you find an empty space on the table, Singer Scrap Caddy can help you become more organized. Simple and easy to use, you can store all sewing, stitching and handmade waste in this storage tank. This simple tool can help you keep your manual space clean and orderly.

The weighted pin cushion can fix the caddie in place, so you can use the caddie anywhere. When sewing, there is no need to permanently install the waste bucket on the production table. The bag itself hangs on the edge of the table for easy access. Now you have a place to keep all the thread and fabric bits and pieces while handling the quilt.

25. Steam Iron

steam iron for quilting

Steam irons are a very important thing to have for quilters, because a steam iron can press clothes smoothly and removes any and all wrinkles without any hassle. And for a quilter this is a dream equipment to have.

26. Large Stipple Stencil

Large Stipple Stencil for quilting

Large templates can be used in a variety of different applications. They are very suitable for beginners. They are ideal tools for making wall, curtain or clothing design quilt. These plastic templates are easy to clean.

Just use a little soap and water and they can be used again. The range of molds is from 1 inch to 13 inches, so you can make various patterns in various sizes.

The template is short, with interesting border designs on the quilt fabric, intricate flowers, heart-shaped patterns and various other cute and interesting template patterns. These patterns will add some charm to your quilt.

27. Quilt Design Software

Quilt Design Software

Are you looking for the gift for someone who is a quilter as well as a tech-savvy genius? Electric Quilt 8 is the best choice for complete quilt design software. This product is a complete set of tools that allows you to make the entire design layout with photos and images of feasible designs.

If your quilter friend wants to make truly spectacular patchwork patterns, the software will guide him or her through the whole process. It is very easy to use and very interesting!

28. Fabric

Fabric for quilting

The last item on our list of gifts for quilters is fabric. The last but obviously the most important item to be honest. Because without fabric, quilting would be impossible. Get a few nice patterned fabrics for the quilter in your life that they use anytime they want for quilting.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you can only rely on your own judgement to figure out what would be the perfect gift for your quilter friend. Quilting may be just a hobby to some, but some makes it their passion and some even takes it up as a profession. So, with the help of our list, get the perfect gift for quilters this holiday season.

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