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23 Useful and Fun Gifts for Law Students

No one can deny that getting into law school is very hard. But actually studying law is even harder. All those late-night crammings and early morning presentations, let’s not forget about the dawn to dusk classes.

It can become very exhausting. But if you are passionate about it, you will love all the workload being a law student brings forth.

Buying gifts for law students is a nice way to help relieve their stress even a bit, something to make their day to day life a bit easier or even to just make them feel better about themselves.

Do you have someone in your life who is a law student? And is the holiday season upon you? Maybe it’s their birthday or maybe you just want to show them your care and support.

Nevertheless, a great way to do that is to buy gifts for them.

What to Get Gifts for Law Students?

Now it might not seem like it, but buying gifts for law students is a lot harder than it seems. You can’t really buy a casual gift for law students and call it a day.

You have to put some thoughts into it and figure out what they need or can use to make their lives a little better, maybe work as a little bit of stress reliever too.

In this article, we have created a list for you to shuffle through and pick what you think would be the perfect gift for law students.

1. Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase

The first idea on this list of gifts for law students is a leather briefcase. It’s a perfect gift for those final year students who are busy with internships and excessive study pressures.

A leather briefcase will make them feel like a professional and give them a massive confidence boost. Buy the future lawyer in your life a gift they can carry throughout their career proudly.

2. Funny T-shirt

Funny T-shirt

Next up we have a novelty gift idea for law students. A funny t-shirt with a cool law quote for those more easy-going law students out there.

A gift that will let the student show off his cool new shirt and make people laugh simultaneously.

3. Personalized Tumbler Mug

Personalized Tumbler Mug

Have no doubt in your mind that a law student survives on caffeine. From early morning classes till those late-night study sessions, coffee is basically the only thing that keeps them going.

Coffee also helps keep the brain sharp and active when you run on a very little amount of sleep. But having the coffee hot is a priority for law students.

Tumblers are a great gift for those coffee junkies. It will keep the coffee hot for them for a long time.

So they can drink while they study and won’t have to get up to refill their cup every so often. It is one of the most perfect gifts for law students.

4. Gravel Stress Toy

Gravel Stress Toy

Stress toys are immensely useful inventions of the twenty-first century without a doubt. And they are a must-have for people with anxiety or people who are under a lot of pressure.

A law student is just that. A person who is always under an immense amount of pressure and who stays under stress most of the time.

A brilliant gift for them would be a stress toy. To add a bit of a novelty to that, you can buy them a gavel stress toy, to commemorate their law studentship and help relieve some of their stress as well.

5. Tie


Being a law student means you have to go through a lot of presentations and interviews. A key feature for these events is to look proper and formal. It not only shows your dedication but will definitely give you a confidence boost.

So, this holiday season, get you’re the law student in your life a professional tie to wear with their formal outfits and let them slay those interviews.

6. Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Being a law student means you will constantly be studying and preparing notes. No exceptions to that anywhere. But because the law students are always so busy, they barely have any time to do any proper home cooking.

They have to basically rely on takeout food to survive. An instant pot can easily solve that problem. All you have to do is put all the necessary ingredients in the pot and let it be, it will give you a perfect plate of healthy and tasty food after the timer is out.

So, buy the law student in your life an instant pot and move them towards a healthier life.

7. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Another item on the list for those coffee lover law students is a coffee mug. If you don’t want to go for expensive gifts, coffee mugs are an easy way out of that dilemma.

You can easily get law themed coffee mugs out there with a cheap price tag. It is going to be a great gift as well as a well-appreciated gift.

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

This here is a very important item for a law student to have, especially if they live in shared housing or dorms, or even if they have a noisy neighbourhood.

Noise cancelling headphones are a godsend when you have to concentrate on exams but cannot because of the hustle and bustle going on around you.

These headphones will keep all the unnecessary sound at bays and help law students focus on their studies. A very thoughtful gift idea for a law student that they will find extremely useful.

9. Stress Relief Candle

Stress Relief Candle

Always being under pressure and overstressed is a very common thing for law students. But you can help them relieve a little bit of that stress with the help of this gift.

A stress relief candle is a marvellous thing to have at hand for those crazy days when you just can’t focus because you are so stressed. It will be a very nice gift to give to law students to help them lead a better life.

10. Glass Ceiling Necklace

This a very modern gift for all those female law students out there who have broken all the boundaries to reach where they are today. Shattered glass ceiling necklaces symbolize the women who has basically crushed it.

The cracks in the glass represents all the barriers women has crushed in the past, continues to crush in the present and will crush in the future. It will be the perfect gift for a strong independent female law student.

11. Book Page Holder

If you are a law student, you will definitely have a book stuck to your nose basically all day long and well into the night. A book page holder is such a thing that you would never realize you even needed until you actually get to use it.

It will solve all the trouble you have of holding the pages open of a massive book and not being able to even take notes because of it.

Book page holder will keep the book open for you so that you can take notes, do research or just relax your hand if you want. It is a really thoughtful gift idea for a law student.

12. Haikus for Law Students

This is a book that contains a total of 105 haikus dedicated to law students. The topics of the haikus vary from the general life and dramas a law student faces to important and famous cases.

This is one of the coolest ideas for novelty gifts for law students that will provide an ample amount of entertainment.

13. Leather Portfolio

To go with the professional look and feel more like a lawyer, a law student needs a leather portfolio to carry all their presentation papers. It will definitely be the product of the envy of many other students.

A law student carrying a leather portfolio around would show their dedication to succeed in their career. Buy a leather portfolio for the law student in your life and give them a major confidence boost.

14. Lap Desk

Alongside studying heavy law books, law students also need to use their laptop quite a lot. They need to use laptops for research purposes, to write down assignments and also to prepare for their presentations.

Sitting down with a laptop for a long time can be quite strenuous though. So, show them your care by gifting them a lap desk.

They can use it to get better posture and proper support for their laptop. A very thoughtful gift that will be very appreciated.

15. Scales of Justice Tie Pin

Another novelty gift item on this list of gifts for law students is a scales of justice-themed tie pin. Scales of justice is a very important symbolization of the law. No matter who you are, you are familiar with this symbol.

For a law student though, it is much more than a symbol, it represents the equality and justice of the law. A scales of justice tie pin would be a gift any law student would be happy to receive and proudly wear it with every formal outfit.

16. Lady Justice Customized Painting

Lady Justice Customized Painting

And yet again, we have another novelty gift for law students. A customized portrait of lady justice is something any law student would be honoured to have.

Lady justice is another very important symbol of the justice system, it represents how the law is blind and will not discriminate.

Having a customized lady justice painting would make law students motivated and keep them inspired. Also, it will be a very cool décor for their room.

17. Custom Socks

There is some really cool law themed custom socks available for purchase these days that will keep you warm as well as make you cool among your peers.

Any law student would love to have these cool law themes socks and you would be an instant favourite to them.

18. Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

Legal Decision Maker Paperweight

A ridiculous novelty gift that will keep a law student from getting bored while doing long assignments or mock trials. This legal decision-maker paperweight will help you make a random choice on the go and will also be a cool looking paperweight too.

A very nice novelty gift idea for law students that can also be useful if you want it to be.

19. Coffee Press

Coffee Press

And we have another final item on this list as one of the gifts for law students who cannot survive without their daily dose of coffee. A coffee press will let them brew the coffee as they like with a perfect blend.

No more waiting in line in a coffee shop wasting time, no more waking up early so you can get in line for coffee. This coffee press will solve a lot of problems for a law student.

Make the life of a law student a lot more time-efficient and easy by buying them a coffee press.

20. LED Book Light

LED Book Light

This is a great gift for law students who share their room with someone else. We all know law students have to study a lot and they typically study well into the night.

But if their roommate isn’t of the same department, they would never understand not would they tolerate the light to be on all throughout the night. For these law students LED book lights are the perfect solution.

They can attach them to their books and have the pages perfectly illuminated. A really genius gift idea for law students.

21. Planner with Pen Loop

Planner with Pen Loop

Law students have to study so much all the time that it can become quite confusing as to what they have already read and what they need to start working on.

All those cases and facts and articles, can create a huge mess if they are not properly organized. In this case, a planner is going to be the perfect gift.

A planner will help the law student document what they study and help keep tab of their assignments and presentations.

22. Laptop Backpack

Laptop Bag

As we have already established laptops are absolutely essential for law students. They not only need it for at home, but they also need to take it to class most of the time too.

Sometimes it is even mandatory. A laptop backpack is necessary for this time because they are built to carry laptops as well as necessary books you might need.

Normal backpacks don’t have a dedicated place for laptops that can because of scratches and other problems. So, buy a laptop backpack for the law student in your life and save them a lot of trouble.

23. Evidence Themed Zipper Pouch

Evidence Themed Zipper Pouch

The last item on our list is a really cool novelty gift. Evidence themed zipper pouches are going to be talk of the class if a law student brings them in. it’s a zipper pouch that is made to look like it is actually made from evidence papers.

How cool is that? Buy this cool gift for the law student in your life, they will definitely have a laugh about it and use it always.

Final Thoughts

In the end, law students have zero amount of time to buy things for themselves, even when they absolutely need to buy it. So, your job as their friend is to get them things that they can use in lieu of gifts so they feel appreciated and cared for.

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